Cloudbeds Billing Portal - Why is my Credit Card getting declined?

There are some cases where customers will receive an error saying that your credit card has been declined when trying to make a payment to Cloudbeds in the billing portal.  

In most cases, the solutions are simple, check a few tips:

  • Contact your bank / credit card issuer and mention you have been trying to make payments to us (company name: Digital Arbitrage Inc.) but they are being declined. They might be able to lift the blockage;
  • Triple-check the card information listed under your account. Any typo (i.e. name on card misspelled) can be a reason for decline;
  • If you have another card, try using it too;
  • Eventually, you may try linking your credit card information to a PayPal account, and then use PayPal as a payment method. However, if the block is at your bank/issuer, this might have the same results.

Below you can find the most common transaction errors along with each reason and the recommended action to solve. If you are getting different errors, reach out to our support team at

Transaction Error Reason Recommended Action
The issuing bank is reporting an issue and advising the merchant not to accept this card
Contact the issuing bank for more details. Once the problem has been addressed and resolved, the issuing bank will confirm with you that they will authorize the transaction, and the merchant may attempt to process this payment again
This card account is over the holder’s credit limit, or will go over the limit of this transaction is completed. The issuing bank is therefore declining the transaction
Contact your issuing bank to request a credit limit increase. You can also make a payment on your account, in certain circumstances, to have more credit available. Once this problem has been addressed and the issuing bank has confirmed there is credit available, you can try to process the transaction again
The issuing bank is preventing the authorization of this transaction
The specific reason for this decline is unclear, please contact the issuing bank for more details. Once the problem has been addressed and resolved, the issuing bank will confirm with you that they will authorize the transaction
You did not finish the 3D secure or it was not validated 
In this case, please try again and if the problem cannot be resolved, please use an alternative card or payment method
The card being used does not allow the type of transaction that is being attempted for this payment
Contact the issuing bank to request permission for this transaction. Once the issuing bank has confirmed that they will authorize the transaction, you can process it again
The card number is invalid
Review the card number and correct it before attempting to process the transaction again. If there are recurring payments scheduled, be sure to stop them once the invalid card number is found. Merchants will incur an authorization fee for each attempted transaction with an invalid card number
Your card issuer has declined the transaction as the credit card has some restrictions
In this case, you use an alternate credit card, or contact the bank

If the problem cannot be solved, try an alternative payment method. Payment options for your Cloudbeds account

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