Cancelling/Modifying Reservation Made on OTA


All reservations received through a connected channel (Expedia, Booking, Hostelworld) should be first canceled/marked as no-show/modified inside of the OTA's extranet and not in myfrontdesk. 

Main reason is that canceling/modifying a reservation in myfrontdesk does not cancel/modify it in your OTA channel. This is because when a reservation is created with an OTA channel, an agreement is made between you and that specific OTA. Most channels have a cancellation/no-show process that must be followed with them, often involving fees or other policies.

For detailed information on each scenario please check the sections below:

Cancelling/No-Showing Reservation from a Channel


A common scenario that we see is that a myfrontdesk user will cancel the reservation in myfrontdesk, thinking that it has also been canceled in the channel, which is not the case. Later the guest, property or channel will cancel the reservation officially in the channel and we will receive an update. The update will just confirm that the reservation has been canceled but when this cancellation occurs in the channel it will open up availability through automatic adjustments. Myfrontdesk will override this information but an overbooking may come in as those updates are occurring.


Make sure to cancel your third-party reservations that came into myfrontdesk in that channel's extranet or ask the guest to cancel their reservation.

Note: This does not include third party reservations that you entered manually without entering their third-party ID - those should be canceled in the system.

Does canceling a reservation in an OTA also cancel it in myfrontdesk? 

Some channels (such as, agoda, and expedia) support sending updates about cancellations to myallocator. This allows myfrontdesk to display the booking as "canceled" inside of our system once it has been changed inside the OTA's extranet.

For the channels which do not support sending cancellations to myfrontdesk you need to cancel the reservation on Extranet and then mark the reservation as canceled in myfrontdesk to open the availability.

Check this article to check which channels support sending cancellations to myfrontdesk: Channel Features

Modifying Reservation from a Channel


The guest booked room A on the channel. The guest then decides to stay in room B but does not modify the booking through the channel, instead he contacts property owner and the change is made in myfrontdesk only. If the guest will then go to the channel and add breakfast to his booking - the channel will send myfrontdesk an update moving the guest back to room A. Basically, anytime a reservation is modified  on the channel - it will revert it back to the room assignments as they are made on channel Extranet.


Make sure to modify your third-party reservations that came in through myfrontdesk in that channel's extranet or ask the guest to modify their reservation.


The bookings which are marked as 'In House' in myfrontdesk will not be automatically modified if modification came from the channel. This is designed to guarantee that the guest who has already checked-in won't be 'moved' to another unit.  In this case the property will receive an email about modification which should be handled manually (email will be triggered in Email Delivery Log).

Does modifying a reservation in an OTA also modify it in myfrontdesk? 

Some channels (such as, agoda, and expedia) support sending updates to myfrontdesk. This allows myfrontdesk to update the reservation automatically.

For the channels which do not support sending modifications to myfrontdesk you need to modify the reservation on Extranet and then make the modifications in myfrontdesk manually.

Check this article to check which channels support sending modifications to myfrontdesk: Channel Features

Making changes to reservations from OTA imported to myfrontdesk manually

There might be reservations which were originally made on OTA but were imported in myfrontdesk manually for different reasons: reservation was made prior to connecting to myfrontdesk or the reservation was made prior to connecting the channel to myfrontdesk.

Changes to these reservations should be done on Extranet too, however they will be automatically applied in myfrontdesk only if:

1) the reservation's third party ID (order ID) in myfrontdesk matches the booking ID on the channel;

2) the change (sending modification, cancellation to myfrontdesk) is supported by the channel;

3)*specifically for modifications - it will be applied if the booking is not 'In-House' (guest has not checked-in yet)

What will happen if a modification is received for a booking imported manually that does not have a (valid) source reservation ID?

In this case the system will create a duplicate of the booking with the modification already applied.

For example,

1) a guest has booked a room A before you connected the channel to myfrontdesk,

2) then you connect the channel to myfrontdesk and import the reservation with room A manually,

3) the guest decides to modify the booking on Extranet and stay in room B.

Scenario 1: If you have not entered the valid source reservation ID for this booking in myfrontdesk - myfrontdesk will create a duplicate booking for the same guest with room B booked. The manually imported booking with room A added will be also left in the system.

Myfrontdesk will send an email notifying you that it couldn't recognize the reservation the modification came in for and it created a new reservation.

Scenario 2: If you have entered valid source reservation ID while importing the booking manually - the modification will be automatically applied and the guest will be moved to room B.

What will happen if cancellation will be made to booking imported manually but which has not (valid) source reservation ID?

*if a cancellation comes through for a mapped room: The system will create a new canceled reservation. Starting May 2018 we'll also send an email explaining why a new canceled reservation was created (because we couldn't match the cancellation imported from the channel to any existing reservation in the system).

*if a cancelation comes through for an unmapped room: Nothing will happen - no new canceled reservation will be created and existing reservation won't be modified.

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