Why should I cancel or no-show an OTA/channel reservation in the channel's extranet?


All OTA reservations received through a connected channel (Expedia, Booking, Hostelworld) should be first cancelled or marked as no-show inside of the OTA's extranet and not in myfrontdesk. 

Main Reason:

Canceling a reservation in myfrontdesk does not cancel it with your OTA channel. 

This is because when a reservation is created with an OTA channel, an agreement is made between you and that specific OTA. Most channels have a cancellation/ no-show process that must be followed with them, often involving fees or other policies.

Does cancelling a reservation in an OTA also cancel it in myfrontdesk? 

Some channels (such as booking.com, agoda, and expedia) support sending updates about cancellations to myallocator.

This allows myfrontdesk to display the booking as "cancelled" inside of our system once it has been changed inside the OTA's extranet.

Note: Booking.com in particular requires that any reservations you would like to cancel manually must be cancelled directly in the booking.com extranet.


A common scenario that we see is that a myfrontdesk user will cancel the reservation in myfrontdesk, thinking that it has also been cancelled in the channel, (This is not the case).

Later the guest, property or channel will cancel the reservation officially in the channel and we will receive an update.

The update will just confirm that the reservation has been cancelled but when this cancellation occurs in the channel it will open up availability through automatic adjustments.

Myfrontdesk will override this information but an overbooking may come in as those updates are occurring.


Make sure to cancel your third party reservations that came in through myallocator in that channel's extranet or ask the guest to cancel their reservation.

Note: This does not include third party reservations that you entered manually - those should be cancelled in the system.

For further info about this topic, please consult our article about Canceling or No-showing a Reservation Made on an OTA/ Distribution Channel 

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