Housekeeping - Check if a room is clean/dirty

When assigning a room you will see a few red asterisk signs * if the room is occupied and if it is dirty or clean.

The Housekeeping feature must be enabled for the Inspection symbol to show up on the Calendar.

In the reservation details

The reservation details page will show a red asterisk sign* next to the room assigned to show that the room is with dirty condition:

To assign a different room,

  1. Open the drop-down menu next to the room assigned
  2. Select the room you prefer and check if it's a clean or dirty room

The room will be saved.

In the Calendar

In order to see accommodation condition in the calendar you need to enable this option first in the Housekeeping Add-on menu:

Access Housekeeping and enable the option to show accommodation condition in calendar:

The rooms with dirty condition will also be marked with a red asterisk sign *:

  • The Housekeeping status cannot be changed on the Calendar;
  • The accommodation condition can only be changed from the Housekeeping page.
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