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  1. How to Create Your Own Reports - allows you to create your own reports by including the columns you want and saving the reports for easy access. Quickly create a report using one of the prebuilt Cloudbeds Reports or build your own from scratch.
  2. How to Add Columns and Rows in Table Outline - The table outline allows you to add columns of Cloudbeds Data Fields* needed to build the report. Once the columns are added, you can group data per column and also rows. Cloudbeds Data Field (CDF) is a data field provided and defined by Cloudbeds. Each report type has different CDF sets available for you to use. For example, Financial report type has CDFs and filters related to financial data, whereas Guests report type has everything related to guest's data.
  3. How to Create Custom Cloudbeds Data Fields (CDFs) - Other than the existing  Cloudbeds Data Fields (CDFs), you can also create a new custom CDF to generate unique calculations or to create new descriptive fields to your report.
  4. Saved Reports - you can create your own reports and get the exact data you need. Fields, filter logic, summarization levels, sorting and columns can all be configured to meet your preferences.
  5. How to Create, Edit and Delete Folders - use a big collection of prebuilt reports by Cloudbeds or create as many reports as you need. This article shows you how to create folders and subfolders to organize your reports.
  6. How to Add a New Subscription (Scheduling) - subscription tool allows you automate your reporting process. By subscribing to a report, you can schedule when a report is run and automatically sent to your inbox at anytime daily, weekly or monthly.
  7. How to Find, Edit or Delete Saved Reports - All the reports that have been created or edited and saved by users can be accessed on Saved Reports page. This article shows you how to find, edit or delete your saved reports.
  8. Chart editor - add charts to your Saved reports in the types of line, bar, pie and sunburst. The charts can be edited, removed and represent only part of the data available in the table view. Charts can be downloaded on their own but are not part of the table export.
  9. Insights API access — query and access reporting data via API and integrate with your existing automations or data pipeline. Check out API documentation here.
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