Connect your existing Hostelworld (Hostelbookers) account with Cloudbeds


Hostelworld has changed its activation process, and provided the following information:

"All channel connection will be now handled by Hostelworld Account Managers, Account Executives and Sales Executives (if new signup). All properties need to liaise directly with their account manager, account executive and sales executive in relation to their channel connection or eventual issues with room settings, rates, online availability and bookings".

Step 1

To Initiate the connection between Myfrontdesk's channel manager Myallocator and Hostelworld/Hostelbookers, you must first contact your Hostelworld account manager.  

If you don't know who your Hostelworld Account Manager is, you can find their email address in your account as shown below:


Step 2

Request that your Hostelworld Account Manager perform the following actions:

Activate the connection between Hostelworld/Hostelbookers and Myallocator for your Property

Step 3

Once the connection is active, you must notify us at:

In the email, you must state the following:

  • Your full Property Name
  • Your Hostelworld Inbox ID (usually 4 or 5 digits)
  • Mention that the connection between Hostelworld and Myallocator is active.
  • Define the currency setup in Hostelworld

Example of what we need from you (the property): 

Hi myfrontdesk- this is John Doe from "Your Hostel's Name".  

Property "Your Hostel's Name" is now active with myfrontdesk's channel manager, myallocator.  

My Hostelworld Inbox ID is:  12345

My Currency is set to: EUR

Until the steps above are complete, we are unable to connect your property to Hostelworld and will not be able to manage your inventory or rates. It's important that your Hostelworld Account Manager confirms the connection with Cloudbeds/Myallocator

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