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Self-Setup Guide Summary


The sel-setup process is organized into distinct steps. We've designed them to be as easy as possible and make sure that you're confident the information you need is in place before going live. Here's a brief summary of each stage - Click on the titles of each to go directly to that step's article. 

What to do Before Starting

Check the following article which will provide the information you need to have ready before you begin. This is a vital step to ensure a smooth and quick setup: What To Do Before Starting

Next Steps

  • Step 1: Mandatory Info
    • Fill out a few required sections to transform your myfrontdesk account into a reflection of your property. This section covers the key information to include
  • Step 2: Setting up Distribution
    • Activating channel management! Learn how to map your rooms and why distribution is one of the most essential steps of the process for your business.
  • Step 3: Going Live
    • Your big debut! Read about the final steps and some suggestions on what to do once your account is fully launched.

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