Onboarding self-setup guide

The Self-Setup process is organized into easy-to-follow steps, with all the information you need in place before going live and start receiving reservations. This article includes a summary of each one of these steps.

Before getting started

1. List your property on your preferred Distribution Channels

Setup your property at each channel before connecting to Cloudbeds PMS. Signing up with an OTA  involves signing a negotiated contract and Cloudbeds cannot create a new OTA account on your behalf.

Before connecting your Cloudbeds PMS account to Distribution Channels (OTAs), your property must be active and already listed on the corresponding channel. Meaning that, to sell on Booking.com or Expedia, for example, your property must be already bookable on their sites.

2. Rates & Availability

Complete your rates and availability stored centrally in either myallocator (Cloudbeds Channel Manager) or a document stored online (Ex: Evernote, Google docs, Office365, etc).

Keep in mind that, being a PMS (Property Management System), Cloudbeds does not upload or import rates and availability from other systems.

3. If you're changing PMS providers
  • Any direct reservations made in your previous PMS provider's system (booking engine, walk-ins, email) will need to be transferred over manually or using our bulk import feature.
  • Begin preparing to disconnect your previous PMS system: You will not need to fully do this until Step 2: Setting Up Distribution but inform your previous PMS provider immediately in case there's a required wait period on your contract with them.
4. If you currently have a myallocator account
  • Make sure that the number of accommodations in your myallocator account is the same as the number you signed up for with Cloudbeds PMS. If it's not, inform your Onboarding Coach
  • Check that your rooms are currently set up as room-types and that you're practicing one-to-one mapping. More information available in the Distribution Mapping Guidelines.
  • To forward future credit card details from from Booking.com and Expedia, make sure to have a credit credit password set.

Things to note:

Any bookings previously received by myallocator can be automatically imported into Cloudbeds PMS by our Reservation Import team once the mandatory information has been completed in the setup process.

  • If you choose to import from myallocator, make sure you have not already manually added these bookings to Cloudbeds PMS. This will create duplicate copies of the reservation that will cause false overbookings in the system.
  • Make sure your myallocator credit card password is up to date before requesting reservations import. If the password is not the current one, credit card payment details will not be transferred in compliance with financial security standards.

Self-setup guide

1. Add the basics
2. Set up Distribution
  • Channel Distribution is one of the most essential steps of the process for your business.
  • Activate your channels and learn how to map your rooms correctly by Setting Up Distribution Channels.
3. Go Live
  • After your system is connected to the preferred channels and your property information is complete, you are ready to go live and receive reservations through your Cloudbeds Booking Engine.
  • Visit our Resource Center for useful material, tips, and additional information about the Cloudbeds Products and Services.
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