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Onboarding Self-Setup - Guide Summary


The Self-Setup process is organized into easy-to-follow steps, with all the information you need in place before going live and start receiving reservations. This article includes a brief summary of each one of these steps.

Self-Setup Guide Summary

Before Getting Started

The following article provides the information you need to have ready before you begin your Onboarding process, to ensure a smooth and quick setup: Onboarding Self-Setup - Before Getting Started.

Step 1 - Add the basics

Fill out a few required sections to transform your Cloudbeds PMS account into a reflection of your property. This section covers the key information to be included Step 1 - Add The Basics (Mandatory Information).

Step 2 - Set up Distribution

Channel Distribution is one of the most essential steps of the process for your business. Activate your channels and learn how to map your rooms correctly by Setting Up Distribution Channels.

Step 3 - Go Live

After your system is connected to the preferred channels and your property information is complete, you are ready to go live and receive reservations through your Cloudbeds Booking Engine.

Visit our Onboarding - Resource Center for useful material, tips, and additional information about the Cloudbeds Products and Services.

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