Connect your existing Airbnb listings with Cloudbeds


This article will walk you through the entire process of mapping your myfrontdesk and Airbnb rooms together. Once you have completed all of the steps below, Myfrontdesk will update Airbnb with your availability and will also import your Airbnb bookings. 

AirBnb is a calendar-based channel, which work differently than normal distribution channels. For example, only availability can be updated, no rates or any other stay restriction. You can learn more about this by reading our article here.

As a reminder, Airbnb only supports the following:

  1. Availability updates
  2. Booking Downloads
  3. Automatic Adjustments

Calendar channels (including Airbnb) do not support rates.  You must enter rates directly into the channel's extranet.

Airbnb also does not support cancellations. If you receive an Airbnb cancellation, you must cancel the booking manually in myfrontdesk.

Room Type Compatibility

Because of how the calendar URL system is designed, Airbnb is only able to connect to one of the rooms of a myfrontdesk room type at a time.

Make sure to disable Airbnb instant booking

Airbnb pulls availability data from myfrontdesk every hour. Because of this, we recommend turning off "Instant Booking" when using Airbnb. 

When Instant Booking is turned off, the property is always asked to "confirm" the booking. Since the property has the opportunity to verify that the requested room is still available, unexpected bookings can more easily be prevented. This also allows you to check the guest's reviews and make sure they are a good fit for your property.

1 - Login to your myfrondesk account

  1. Click on Manage on the top right corner of your screen
  2. On the left side, click on "Channels" under Channel Distribution Section
  3. Next to "Airbnb" click on the red button "not setup, click to set up"
  4. Check the box in order to enable the channel
  5. Click on "next" to start the mapping process

2- Copy the calendar URL from myfrontdesk

For Windows: "Ctrl-A" to select all and "Ctrl-C" to copy

For Mac: "Command-A" to select all and "Command-C" to copy.

3- Login to your Airbnb Account

If you already have an Airbnb account, click here to access it:


4. Click on "Host" -> Listings

 5. Click on the first listing's name that you would like to synchronize

  1. On this page, click on "Availability" tab
  2. Scroll down up to "Sync calendars" section
  3. Click on Import Calendar


6. Paste the URL from step 2 into your Airbnb Calendar Address (URL) field and give it a name:

For Windows: "Ctrl-V" to paste.

For Mac: "Command-V" to paste

7. Obtain your Airbnb export calendar URL by clicking on "Export Calendar"

For Windows: "Ctrl-A" to select all and "Ctrl-C" to copy

For Mac: "Command-A" to select all and "Command-C" to copy.

8. Paste the Airbnb URL into the Exported calendar URL in myfrontdesk:

For Windows: "Ctrl-V" to paste.

For Mac: "Command-V" to paste

9. On the Airbnb side, click Sync Calendars for the room you have just set up listings for.

Repeat the steps above for ALL of your Airbnb rooms you'd like to sync with myfrontdesk

10. On myfrontdesk, click "Next" once completed

Your channel is now live!

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