Step 3: Going Live


You're in the final stage of the process! You've prepared your information, customized your account, and activated your distribution network. It's almost time for launch, congratulations!

Before Going Live:

  • Make sure all of your future reservations are entered and your availability is correct.
  • Train any of your staff who will be using the system.
  • If you have an existing channel manager and/or PMS:
    • Make sure that you close out availability on your launch day to prevent any overbookings.
    • If you have not already disconnected channels linked to these systems, be sure to do so now.
  • Notify your channels of the switch.
  • Install your Mybooking booking engine (For Certain Packages).

Email us!

Once you're up and running, send a quick message to a member of our customer success team so that we can check back in afterward and see if you have any questions for us.

We're always excited to see customer's becoming more confident with the Cloudbeds Platform, and express implementations are something we like to celebrate! You're awesome!

Fully activate your distribution:

When you're ready to have rates and availability begin automatically updating through myallocator, go to the distribution section and click on the "Myallocator Activation Tab". Click on the tab under "myallocator distribution activation" and switch it to enabled.

Your account is now live!

Get The Word Out!

Now that your myfrontdesk and mybookings are live, you have your very own premium booking engine integrated with your website and available for guests to book through.

Use your social media presence on twitter, facebook, and other platforms to bring visitors to your site and generate direct reservations. 

Want to learn more about building a strong social media foundation to grow your business?
We have an awesome webinar about the subject! You can watch the video and also read the full transcript here.   

Wrapping Up:

At Cloudbeds, we believe that knowledge is power. The more you know about how to use our software, the more you'll be able to compete in the hospitality market, bring in new guests, and create success for both you and your business.

We're excited to have you on board!

Here are some places to go next:

  • Custom Settings
    • Myfrontdesk has a lot of optional customization features. This section of our knowledge base explains how to use them.
  • Booking Engine
    • The finer details of mybookings and some commonly asked questions and answers.
  • User Settings
    • If you have a number of employees, these articles will teach you how to set up accounts for each of them with unique role permissions. This also explains how to check the change logs to see which user performed certain tasks in your property's system.
  • Reports
    • Learn how to use myfrontdesk to generate reports about various data and information in your system.

Cheers to more reservations and happier guests!

- Team Cloudbeds


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