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Items and Services - How to Add Item to Reservation


Before adding an item to the reservation, make sure the item is already created. Check this article to learn how to create an item in Cloudbeds PMS: Items & Categories Overview

In Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Go to the reservation and open the Folio
  2. Click Add/Adjust Charge
  3. Select Add Item

Fill out the form as follows:

  1. Category: Select the category of the item (if needed)
  2. Item: Select the item from the drop-down
  3. Assign to: Choose the guest to assign the item charge. It can be used for when there are multiple guests in a reservation.
  4. Select Folio: If you have the Split Folio feature enabled, select which folio to post the item
  5. Post with current date and time: the current date and time will be selected by default. Uncheck the box to choose a past or future date and time. 
  6. Price: The price of the item will be entered automatically. Click the value to edit if needed.

If your user is not the Property Owner or Association Admin, your user's role must be granted the permission 'Allow to override the price of product on reservation/account' before they can edit the item's price. 

  1. QTY: Enter the quantity of items to be added
  2. Total Price: Total price will be calculated automatically based on the quantity of the item
  3. Payment type: Select whether you want to collect the payment for the item right away
  • Selecting Do not collect payment will add the item charge (debit) and will not include the payment.
  • Selecting Credit Card or other payment types will add the item charge (debit) and will include the payment for the item (credit). If you have previously chosen to post the item for a future date (Step #7), the payment will be credited to the balance due only on the date selected.
  1. Transaction Notes: Enter any notes if necessary
  2. Allocate Payment: If you have this functionality enabled - this option will be checked by default when you choose to add the payment for the item (Step #11) to allocate the payment automatically. 

Learn more about payment allocation here.

  1. Click Continue

The item will appear on the folio. If you need to cancel the charge, you can click the gear icon, then click Void transaction.

In the balance due, you can see the charges of the items in the field Additional Items

The following article may be useful for you: Items and Services - How to Void an Item from a reservation


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