How to Add Item to Reservation


Before adding an item to reservation you need to create it. Check this article to learn how to create an item in myfrontdesk: Items & Categories Overview

1. Go to reservation and open Folio
2. Click 'Add/Adjust Charge' > 'Add Item'

In new window
3. Select the category of the item (if needed)
4. Select item
5. Select the guest to assign item to
6* If you have multifolio enabled - select the folio to add item to
7. Select date/time to add item to
8. The price of the item (one item) will be entered automatically but you can edit it
9. Enter the quantity of items added
10. Total price will be calculated automatically
11. Select whether you want to collect payment:
- select 'Do not collect payment' if you want to add item as debit and do not add payment for it
- select any payment type if youwant to add item as a debit and add payment for it as a credit
12. Enter notes if needed

13. If you have payment allocation enabled - you can allocate the payment for an item

14. Click 'Add Item'

The item will appear in folio. You can void it by clicking gear icon:

Items added also have their own field in 'balance due' window and are shown separately on invoice:

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