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Cloudbeds Payments - How to apply and set up your account


Cloudbeds Payments is a fully-integrated solution that is quickly growing to be one of our leading global services.

This article shows the application requirements per region below and the steps on how to apply and set up Cloudbeds Payments.

  • If you are interested in this feature, you can schedule a free demo with our sales team here
  • You can only begin the application process if our sales representative has enabled this feature for you.
  • You will be able to process payments once all required information is provided. It is important to complete the application in its entirety to ensure all needed information is received.
  • For security reasons, we encrypt credit card numbers to secure your card data more safely. Check this article for more information: Cloudbeds Payments - Why can't I view full credit card details?
  • Contact our Support Team if you'd like to order a terminal (if it is available for your region).

With Cloudbeds Payments Europe you can connect to a BBPOS WisePOS E card terminal. More information: Cloudbeds Payments - Terminals Overview

Select Type of entity as Company in the set up Step 3. OR if you are a sole proprietorship, you can also choose Individual.

Countries available

Czech Republic
Spain Denmark
Slovakia United Kingdom (UK)

Application requirements

  • Your legal entity and bank account must be located within the same country as your property (one of the countries mentioned above). Example: If your property is in Germany, the legal entity and business bank account must be in Germany.
  • Your property must accept payments using the same currency as set up in Cloudbeds PMS.
  • Cloudbeds Payments Europe fully supports 3D Secure (3DS). See how 3DS works with Cloudbeds Payments: Cloudbeds Payments (Europe) - Everything about 3D Secure.

Select Type of entity as Company in Step 3 when you set up your Cloudbeds Payments account. If you are a sole proprietorship, you will still need to choose Company and then choose Sole Proprietorship as the structure.

Application requirements

To qualify for Cloudbeds Payments United States, your property must be located in the United States, as well as your legal entity and your bank account. Your property must accept payments in USD and payout in USD. The currency setup in Cloudbeds PMS must be in USD.

  • Card terminal is not yet available in Mexico. You can process card-not-present (CNP) transactions only, check: How to Process Payment Through Payment Gateway.
  • Select Type of entity as Company in the set up Step 3. OR if you are a sole proprietorship, you can also choose Individual.
  • Important note about authentication: If your property is in Mexico and the origin of the transaction is Mexico (i.e. the guest’s issuer bank is in Mexico), the authentication will expire after 7 days.

Application requirements

To qualify for Cloudbeds Payments Mexico, your property must be located in Mexico, as well as your legal entity and your bank account. Your property must accept payments in MXN Peso and payout in Mexican Peso. The currency setup in Cloudbeds PMS must be in Mexican Peso.


Select Type of entity as Company in the set up Step 3. OR if you are a sole proprietorship, you can also choose Individual.

Application requirements

To qualify for Cloudbeds Payments Canada, your property must be located in Canada, as well as your legal entity and your bank account. Your property must accept payments in CAD and payout in CAD. The currency setup in Cloudbeds PMS must be in CAD.

Asia Pacific
  • Countries available: Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
  • Put you bank's Bank Code in the Routing Number field- this is a four digit number that is unique to every bank in Singapore.
  • Input your bank account number including the three digit branch code at the beginning of the number in the Account Number field.

Application requirements

To qualify for Cloudbeds Payments, your property must be located in one of the countries mentioned above, as well as your legal entity and your bank account. Your property must accept payments and payouts in local currency. The currency setup in Cloudbeds PMS must be in local currency as well.

Hong Kong
  • Terminal is not available for this region.

How to set up

Step 1 - Getting started (information required to set up Cloudbeds Payments)

When setting up the payment processor, you would need the below information:

Business information

  1. Business name
  2. Business or tax identification number
  3. Business address
  4. Business phone number
  5. Business email address
  6. Business website

Owner information

Owners with 25% ownership or more must be listed on the account.

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. National identification number
  4. Address
  5. Email
  6. Phone number

A bank account under the Business Legal Name
Other documents
(these are not always needed, but good to have accessible)

  1. Government-issued ID
  2. Government-issued company document
  3. Bank statement from the last 30 days
Step 2 - Connect Cloudbeds Payments to your Cloudbeds PMS

You must login as the Property Owner user to set up Cloudbeds Payments.

  1. Click Account.
  2. Select Settings.
  1. Under the Property Configuration, select Payment Options.
  2. You will be on the Credit Card tab.
  3. Under Payment Gateway section, turn on the toggle to Activate the gateway.
  4. Choose Live mode.
  5. Select Cloudbeds Payments in the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Connect Gateway.
  1. Select your business country.
  2. Fill in the Consumer Statement Descriptor.

The Consumer Statement Descriptor will display on the statement of your guest, once they process a transaction with your business. By default, the Statement Descriptor is the DBA (Doing Business As) name you provided when applying for your merchant account. Cloudbeds recommends using your property name, which will be recognized by your guests and help prevent disputes.

  1. Click Create Account to set up the Cloudbeds Payments account. You will be redirected to the Cloudbeds Payments application.
Step 3 - Set up your Cloudbeds Payments account
  1. Select the type of business:
    • Individual / Sole Trader: Type of business where there is no legal distinction between the business entity and its owner so it best fits situations where the organization only has one owner.
    • Company: Legal entity formed by a group of individuals to engage in and operate a business commercial or industrial enterprise.
    • Non-profit: Typically reserved for nonprofit corporations or businesses that are tax exempt.
  2. Choose the appropriate business structure (for companies or non-profits).

Keep in mind that these options can differ greatly from one country to another. The steps outlined below are tailored to accounts based in the USA. Please consider the regulations and requirements specific to your country when completing this section.

  • Company:
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): An LLP is a form of legal business entity with limited liability for the members. The main difference between an LLP and a limited company, is that an LLP has the organisational flexibility of a partnership and is taxed as a partnership. In other respects it is very similar to a private company.
    • Unincorporated Partnership: Non-legal entity with no veil of incorporation privilege, which two or more people undertake to combine their labour or property to achieve a common goal. In an unincorporated partnership, all partners are unlimitedly and collectively responsible for the debts of the partnership with their own assets.
    • Private Company: A private company cannot be owned by any members of the public. It will instead be owned by an NGO (non-government organisation) or a relatively small number of shareholders, and the sale of company shares is handled privately.
    • Other/I'm not sure
    • Non-profit:
      • Charitable company: Non-profit organization which primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being.
      • Unincorporated Association: An organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit (for example, a voluntary group or a sports club). Individual members are personally responsible for any debts and contractual obligations.
      • Other/I'm not sure
  1. Click Continue.
  1. Fill out the business information:
    • Legal business name
      • This is how your business is legally listed. If you are a sole proprietorship, the legal name should be the name of the sole owner.
    • Company number
    • Doing business as name (optional)
      • The operating name of the company if it is different from the legal name.
  • Registered business address
    • Physical address of the legal entity.
  • Business phone number
  • Business website
    • No website? You can enter the property name and phone number instead.
  1. Click Continue.
  1. Fill out the business representative (property owner) details:
  • Legal name
  • Emaill address
  • Job title
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Phone number
  • Select the appropriate box:
    • I own 25% or more of the company
    • I am a member of the governing board of the company
  1. Click Continue or Save for later.
  1. Add the director's details:
  • Legal name
  • Email address
  1. Click Add or Cancel.
  1. Click Finish Onboarding Process.
  1. Review the business and the management and ownership details.
  1. Click Agree & submit.
Step 4 - Enter your bank account details

This flow is designed for European countries that utilize IBAN, and it may not be suitable for regions with distinct banking systems. For areas outside of Europe, merchants will be required to furnish this information via the Stripe onboarding page.

Once redirected to Cloudbeds, this is the last step to be completed. You will need to add a bank account under the company legal name where you will receive the payouts from Cloudbeds Payments. More information about payouts: Cloudbeds Payments - Payout Times & Reporting Overview

  1. Click Add to input the bank account details.
  2. Enter the IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

The bank account provided must be in the name of the business. The only exception to this is if you are a sole proprietorship, then the bank account can be in the name of the owner.

  1. Click Save.

If you do not add a bank account, we won't be able to send the payouts to your account. You can process any payments as usual however you will not receive any payout.

Once saved, you will not be able to change the bank details. If you need to update the information, send an email to requesting the update. See more information: Cloudbeds Payments - How to Update your Bank Account

You will see the status either Verified or Incomplete. Final approval is dependent upon review by the Cloudbeds Risk team. If additional information is required, we will notify the Property Owner via email within 24 business hours after completing all steps in the application.

Step 5 - Set up Billing Address Requirements and Credit Card Configuration

This only applies to direct bookings. For OTA reservations, set up billing address requirements in the OTA extranet or contact their support team.

  1. Check the appropriate boxes if you would like to capture the billing address for each credit card.
  2. Select which credit card fields you want to display and which of those fields are mandatory.
    • The more information inputted the more protection, but it can also cause more declines.
    • As a reference, the fields selected below are recommended.
  3. Click Save.
Step 7 - Cloudbeds Payments is successfully connected

Once the Cloudbeds Payments status is showing as Connected, you can start processing your guests' payments using the gateway. Check: How to Process Payment Through Payment Gateway

The below image displays how the status will look once the property has fully completed the application. If you see a status other than Connected, reach out to Additional information may be requested once the Risk team has fully reviewed the  account.

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