Syncing Quickbooks with Cloudbeds PMS

Below you can find things to consider about syncing to Quickbooks.

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  • The integration begins capturing transactions for syncing with Quickbooks as soon as it's activated for the property. During the initial sync, it will process transactions posted after adding the integration.
  • To sync data with Quickbooks, you must initiate the process manually by clicking on the Sync to Quickbooks button whenever you wish to reconcile transactions between Cloudbeds and Quickbooks.
  • You should only sync data to Quickbooks when you intend to reconcile accounts. If you do this daily - sync daily; if weekly or monthly, then syncing is only required once a week or once a month.
  • For each date not previously synced to Quickbooks, a journal entry will be generated, including all transactions for that day. When the sync button is pressed after 7 days, it will process 7 days' worth of data, creating 7 journal entries in Quickbooks, each posting on the respective date of the transactions in Cloudbeds.

Reviewing synced transactions

Quickbooks KB Article Documentation - Google Docs - Google Chrome
  1. To check the sync status with Quickbooks, simply click on the Sync History tab located on the Accounting Quickbooks page.
  2. The status will provide information about whether the sync was successful or encountered an error, along with details about the number of transactions processed.
  3. Failed syncs can appear in two ways:
    3.1. "Failed - Please try again": This can occur due to communication problems. If the issue persists after retrying, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

       3.2. "Failed - Transaction Date before close date" indicates that some transactions were recorded in Cloudbeds for a date that has already been closed in Quickbooks. These transactions are marked as processed in Cloudbeds and will not be attempted for syncing again. You can click on the three dots at the end to export a list of these unsynced transactions.

  1. To export transactions for reconciliation, click on the three dots at the end. This will export information related to the sync, aiding in the reconciliation process. You can export this information in either Summary or Detailed form.
    4.1 Detailed: This choice shows two or more rows for each processed transaction, giving you a clear view of how the transaction affected Quickbooks accounts, both in terms of credits and debits.
    4.2 Summary: This option displays one row for each processed transaction. It provides insights into the individual Cloudbeds transaction that was processed and a log explaining how it affected the various Quickbooks accounts, both in terms of credits and debits.
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