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Cloudbeds Release Notes - New My Profile, User Preferences and Cloudbeds Labs


The My Profile tab in Cloudbeds PMS has been updated with a new look, allowing users to customize their account to their specific needs and preferences.

This article offers a quick overview of the latest updates applied in My Profile.

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What's New?

  • My Profile section has been improved, including a better look, content and structure.
  • The new user Profile now offers more detailed information about your Cloudbeds PMS user.
  • We are also introducing Cloudbeds Labs, the new space to test out experimental features in your own Cloudbeds account.

My Profile


  • Basic user details (First name, last name, email address)
  • Option to edit user information and reset passwords
  • Option to change the Application Language


  • Modern and clean appearance
  • Default user information (name, email address)
  • Reorganized structure
  • Access details, including the properties the current user has access to

User Preferences and Cloudbeds Labs

By accessing the new Cloudbeds Labs, you can now take part in our experimental features, and enable a more tailored navigation experience by customizing both your Default Page and Top Bar.

Learn more about the Cloudbeds Labs in My Profile.

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