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Lightspeed - Available Versions and Functionality


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Lightspeed's array of products. If you're a hospitality business owner or manager exploring Point of Sale (POS) options, or simply seeking to understand the distinctions among the different versions of Lightspeed's software, you're in the right place.

This article explores the intricacies of Lightspeed's different series or versions, each catering to specific sectors such as Restaurant POS, Retail POS, and Golf.

Lightspeed as a Cloud-based Innovation in POS Systems

Lightspeed is a global leader in cloud-based POS systems, renowned for offering dynamic solutions tailored to various industries including restaurants, retail, and golf. Each version of their software is designed to address unique business requirements, making it a versatile solution that adapts to different operational environments. From streamlining day-to-day tasks to providing actionable insights, Lightspeed equips businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive market.

Versions: Key Functionalities and Availability

Lightspeed Software Type Series/Version Country Availability
Brief Overview
Restaurant POS:

USA, Canada, UK, & Europe (Focus on Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) LATAM (Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela)
Legacy software providing robust POS capabilities for restaurants.
• Menu Management 
• Tableside Ordering 
• Staff Management 
• Reporting & Analytics 
• Loyalty Programs

Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Africa, US, Spain
The modern restaurant POS solution with advanced features tailored to multi side businesses.

• Advanced Menu Management 
• Integrated Online Ordering
• KDS & Table Management
• Workforce Management
• Unified Payment Solution

• Advanced Insights

Lightspeed-U (Former Upserve)
US (for existing customers)
Legacy software focused on restaurant management, to be replaced by K series.
• POS 
• Menu Intelligence 
• Workforce Management 
• Online Ordering 
• Customer Management

Australia – for existings merchants only
POS solution offering essential functionalities for restaurants.
• Sales Reports 
• Inventory Management 
• Customer Profiles 
• Employee Management 
• Multi-Location Support

Retail POS:

UK, Belgium, Netherlands, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Retail POS system designed for modern businesses.
• Omni-channel Retailing 
• Mobile POS 
• Loyalty Program 
• E-commerce Integration 
• Sales & Inventory Reports

Lightspeed-R UK, Belgium, Netherlands, US, Canada
A comprehensive solution aimed at managing retail operations.
• Inventory Management
• Reporting & Analytics
• Multi-Store Capability
• Customer Management
• Integrated E-Commerce


Lightspeed Golf (former Chronogolf)
Global Golf management software integrated with retail POS.
• Tee Sheet Management 
• Membership Management 
• Retail POS Integration 
• Reporting & Analytics 
• Online Booking

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