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Cloudbeds Insights - Chart editor


With Cloudbeds Insights, you can now add charts to your Saved reports in the types of line, bar, pie and sunburst. The charts can be edited, removed and represent only part of the data available in the table view. Charts can be downloaded on their own but are not part of the table export.


  • Once the chart is added to the report you can switch between the four available types and modify the series. 
  • You can also switch between table view or chart view which displays the chart and the table together. 
  • Charts can be edited at any point in time. 
  • To use a series in the chart it must be added first into the report table. 
  • The chart can be deleted without this affecting the table report.

How to use it

Inside Saved Reports:

  1. Click on three dots in the top right corner
  2. Select Insert chart
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Now you can see the chart created and use the Chart Editor to set the needed settings:

  1. Chart Type: Line, Bar, Pie or Sunburst.
  2. Chart Title: Give it a title.
  3. Label: Labels provide context and information about data points in your visualization.
  4. Series: It represents or group of category of data points in your visualization. Click on a series here to modify which metric(s) to be included in your chart.
  5. Edit Table Outline: add or delete columns and rows.
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