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Cloudbeds University - User Badges Overview


Upon successfully completing a Cloudbeds University course, users receive a badge to showcase their proficiency in utilizing Cloudbeds features to current or prospective employers.

This article offers a description of these badges, how to view them and share them on your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles.


Badges in Cloudbeds University are awards that highlight course completion.

Completing the Cloudbeds University courses is a great achievement by itself. It helps you get to know the Cloudbeds features, learn how to take advantage of each one of the system tools, and use them to boost your business.

Badges Significance

The Cloudbeds University Badges are clear indicators of your learning development, showing how much you've achieved and how far you've come during your Cloudbeds adoption journey. Also, badges can be displayed on your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, showcasing all your Cloudbeds achievements.

Badges Types

Depending on the completion range or course type during your Cloudbeds University training, badges can be categorized in General Badges or Course-Level Badges. Learn more about each type below.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions article if you have any questions about Cloudbeds University.

General Badges

Each General Badge shows a different completion grade, based on several factors such as the number of courses completed during a period of time:

  • LMS Legend - Awarded to users who complete all courses in the learning management system and demonstrate mastery of the content.
  • Best Player - Awarded to users who have the highest course completion for the Best Practices courses.
  • Rising Star - Awarded to new users (creation date up to 3 months old) who quickly completed more than 90% of the required courses on the Cloudbeds University.
  • Cloudbeds Conqueror - Awarded to users who complete the Onboarding and Setup courses prior to going live.
  • Onboarding Prodigy - Awarded to users who complete the Get to Know Cloudbeds courses.

Learn more about the Cloudbeds Onboarding

Course-Level Badges

Course-Level Badges correspond to each one of the courses available in the Cloudbeds University. See more about each one of these courses and their badges below:

  • Revenue Management Maestro - Awarded to customers who completed all PIE courses.
  • Housekeeping Hero - Awarded to customers who completed all the Housekeeping courses.
  • Shared Inventory Ace - Awarded to customers who completed all the Shared Inventory courses.
  • Reporting Rockstar - Awarded to customers who completed all the Reporting courses.
  • Channel Manager Champion: Awarded to customers who completed all the Channel Distribution courses.

How to View and Share your Badges

View your Badges

To quickly view and share your earned badges:

  1. Click on the Gamification trophy icon located at the top right corner of your Cloudbeds University home page.
  2. A small pop-up will appear, providing a summary of your total badges and points. Click on the Badges section to access.
Share your Badges
  1. In the My Badges and Points section, find the leaderboard on the bottom right of the page and click to view All Badges.
  2. Click on the awarded badge you wish to share
  3. Click the Share Badge drop-down menu
  4. Select LinkedIn, and click on Share in a post or Send as a private message, depending on your preferred option. Add any description to the post or the message (optional) and click Post or Send

Reach out to our Support Team if you need any assistance to view or share your Cloudbeds University Badges.

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