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Cloudbeds Release Notes - New Settings Page and Setup Guide


Introducing: The new Settings Page and Setup Guide on Cloudbeds PMS; offering easier, cleaner and faster navigation for an enhanced user experience.

This article offers a general overview of the latest updates that have been implemented to the Settings Page and Setup Guide of your Cloudbeds account.

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What's New

  • The new Settings Page includes all the system sections to tailor Cloudbeds PMS to your property, with a more logical organization of items per section. The Settings Page is also mobile-friendly, to better navigate through your settings on the go.
  • A new Search field has been added to the Settings Page, allowing you to search your preferred section by tab (page) name.
  • The Setup Guide is the first step to configure your account on Cloudbeds PMS. The latest update offers a new, fresh and simplified guide to walk you through your onboarding process.
  • Section URLs in the Settings Page have been updated and standardized. Update your browser bookmarks to the new URLs for an easier access. See how to update them for Chrome and Safari.
  • Note that the Setup Guide will appear automatically every time an onboarding account goes to Settings, until Distribution is enabled for your account.

Access the Settings Page

  1. Click on the Account button of your Cloudbeds account
  2. Go to the Settings

New Settings Page Overview


The previous Settings page used to show all the sections as foldable menus, so users could click on the desired one to access it:


  1. The new Settings Page takes the section navigation to the next level with an horizontal-tab-format, making the access faster and even more eye-catching
  2. A new Search bar has been added to the top of the page. Simply type the section or page name, and the results will appear in front of you
  3. Easy access to the Setup Guide. Remember that this button will be active until Distribution is enabled for your account
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