Global Messaging (Messaging Channels, SMS and Whatsapp) - Everything You Need to Know

Global Messaging offers properties the opportunity to use Messaging Channels and messaging credits to use SMS and WhatsApp with guests.

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How does it work?

A Credit Drawer will be available to add credits to cover the costs associated with SMS, WhatsApp, and Automated Translations. Credit will be deducted from your monthly balance as the cost is incurred. 

You will also be granted a one-time $10 Translation credit to use auto-translation within the Guest book, Marketplace, and Automations.


The Global Messaging feature can be used by all countries where Whistle is available.

  • The Crediting System does not apply to US and Canada.
  • Pricing of SMS and WhatsApp messages varies per country.


Our Onboarding team will assist you in purchasing an international phone number and getting started with the feature.

For that, you will need to:

Once the feature is enabled, here's what you'll find in Whistle for Cloudbeds:

Credit Drawer
  1. In the top navigation bar, a Credit Usage icon will be displayed. Click on it to access your Credit Drawer.
    • You can also access it through the Cloudbeds PMS unified inbox inbox chat in mfd.png
  1. The Credit Drawer will display your account balance according to the usage and available credits
  2. The Usage Activity section will provide a monthly overview of your credit usage.
  3. In the Boost section, you will be able to purchase additional credits, if needed.
  • If you use all credits:
    • Inbound messages will continue to be received
    • Automated Messages, Message Escalations to User's phone, Upsell Order notifications to User phone, Workflow Automations, General messages responding to a guest outbound SMS and Whatsapp messages will be temporarily disabled until more credits are added.
  • You will receive a one-time independent 10 Credits equivalent to $10USD specifically for auto-translation services which covers up to 500,000 characters.
  • Check Global Messaging - Frequently Asked Questions for more details.
Purchasing Credits

Only users with access to the Billing Portal in Cloudbeds PMS will be able to purchase additional credits through the Credit Drawer.

In the Credit Drawer,

  1. Select the amount of credits needed in the drop down menu
  2. Click on +Boost to fill out the payment method

The following payment methods are not available:

  • Boleto
  • SEPA
  • Manual Bank Transfer
  1. Confirm the amount of credits, then click to ADD
  • Purchased credits are non-refundable and do not expire.
  • The Boost will occur in the same currency you have configured in the Billing Portal.
  • It takes around 60 minutes or more for credit balances to be up to date as charges can occur in batches.
  • The cost of boosting the credits may fluctuate depending on the foreign exchange rate fluctuations.
Usage and Billing Section

Access the Usage and Billing Section

There are two options to access the Usage and Billing section in Whistle for Cloudbeds:

In the Credit Drawer (Number 3 shown above) OR

  1. Go to the Company tab company.png
  2. Open the Usage and Billing option
  3. Select the tab you want to see:
    1. Usage - it will provide a monthly overview of your credit usage. Each month can be expanded to display every transaction that is subject to your credit balance.
    2. Billing - The billing section will simply display every monthly credit refresh as well as any boost attempt.


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