Cloudbeds Payments - How to use credit card details from an existing reservation for a new reservation

This feature is available if you have the Cloudbeds Payments feature enabled on your Cloudbeds account. With this feature you will be able to transfer credit card details from an existing reservation to a new reservation.


  • It's a time saver! It eliminates the need to view credit details details in order to transfer data from one reservation to another
  • Great to utilize when you have repeat guests
  • Multiple reservations can be charged to the same card

How it works

  • You can only transfer the data if the credit card is active
  • If the credit card is not active, you need to access the previous reservation and activate the credit card to be able to import to the new reservation - Please check further details here
  • If you use contactless method, the system cannot store card for future use

Due to above reason, the credit card details will be displayed as not available

Once you retrieve the reservation in which you would like to apply the previously recorded credit card details from an existing reservation, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Credit Card tab
  2. Click on Add
  3. Select Existing Credit Card
  4. You can search for the existing credit card details using (1) of the following options:
    • Reservation Number
    • Guest First Name
    • Guest Last Name
  5. Click on Search
  1. Click to select the desired credit card

You're done. The credit card details will be added to the new reservation.

[Demo] Tessa Swier Hotel - Reservations - Google Chrome

Activity Log and User Restrictions

At the moment, every user is able to perform the above steps.

You may find the data of transferred credit card details in Activity Logs under 'Credit Card added' activity.

[Demo] Tessa Swier Hotel - Activity Log - Google Chrome

The records will be displayed as shown below. The MFD (myfrontdesk) source means that the credit card was added from within an existing myfrontdesk reservation.

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