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Whistle Company Page - Settings


In the Whistle Company Settings, you are able to find the configuration for Company name, Room count and Format preferences. Check below more details.

Accessing the Settings page

In Whistle for Cloudbeds,

  1. Go to the Company page
  2. Click on Settings

1 - Company Name

  • The Company Name in Whistle for Cloudbeds is taken from the Property/Company Name configured in the Cloudbeds Billing Portal.
  • Properties should not be updating the Company Name in Whistle directly. The Property/Company Name should be updated in the Billing Portal then the Company Name will be updated accordingly. Learn more.

2 - Room Count

The Room Count displayed is also imported from Cloudbeds system. If you want to change the room count, reach out to our support.

3 - Format Preferences

In the Format Preferences, you can check or configure the application language, date & time and currency preferences. Check the articles below for more information:

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