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Vikey is a leading access management company that specializes in providing innovative solutions to the hospitality industry. With their advanced online check-in and room access management system, Vikey empowers hotels and vacation rental managers to enhance their guests' experience while streamlining their operations.

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  • allows guests to check in remotely, saving time and hassle: guests can complete their registration, sign documents, and receive their room key digitally, all from their smartphone or computer.
  • cloud-based technology and hardware enables hotels and vacation rentals to manage guest access remotely: hosts can control access to rooms, floors, and other areas of the property from a single dashboard. It also enables real-time monitoring of guest access, providing an extra layer of security for guests and the property.
  • fully customizable, meaning hotels and vacation rental managers can tailor the system to their specific needs.

How to log in

To enter Vikey you just need to have an account and access the webapp. The dashboard will open once you have entered your username and password.

Features provided by this integration

  1. You will be able to receive all the reservations arriving on Cloudbeds, on Vikey as well.
  2. Manage them as you want: an email will automatically be sent to the guest to complete the online checkin and obtain the link for the door opening page in keyless mode.
  3. Once the guest documents has been approved, they will be automatically sent to Cloudbeds PMS, which will register them in the system.

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