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Whistle for Cloudbeds Product Updates - Global Localization (August 2023)


As of August 14th 2023, Whistle for Cloudbeds is now available to customers across the globe, supporting multiple languages, currencies, Date and Time preferences, auto-translations and global messaging (messaging channels, SMS and Whatsapp).

Better support both your guests and staff with their language and currency of choice. Your staff will be able to use the Whistle platform in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and more. Guests will be able to interact with your guest book, marketplace and digital registration cards in 29 different languages and 160 currencies. You will be able to preset translations or use the new Auto-translation feature.

Check in this article more details.

Multi-language Settings

What's new?

Whistle for Cloudbeds now offers company-wide and user-specific language settings. Admin users can set the Company language, and users can set their own language. Also, the guest-facing Whistle for Cloudbeds applications (Upsell, Digital Registration, Guest Book) will have translation options enabled to better support your guests.

The Whistle for Cloudbeds platform is now available in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Thai
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Vietnamese
  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Tagalog

For Mobile - Mobile app will offer the same language drop-down selection, meaning that mobile language can differ from your language dashboard.
 Ensure you have the latest mobile app installed to see the update.

Translations to Whistle for Cloudbeds Guest-Facing Applications

If you use Digital Registration flows, Upsell or the Guest Book features, you can now add translations for up to 29 languages, so when the guest is accessing the link of these guest-facing applications, they will able to select the language of their choice.

Check in the links below how to configure the translations in each feature:


The Auto-Translation is the new Whistle for Cloudbeds functionality that is able to recognize messages in different languages, and automatically translate the response to the guest's language to be used on the Guest book, Marketplace, and Chatbot automation features. 

Currency Settings

What's New?

Whistle for Cloudbeds now supports Multi-currency.

  • Guests will see pricing in their native currency. 
  • It is used the same currency exchange rates that are available within Cloudbeds and are able to offer 160 different currencies by default.
  • If a guest is looking to add an upsell on the property’s marketplace, they would be able to see how much that upsell item costs in their currency. 
  • If they add the item, the cost would be added to the guest folio in the property’s default currency.
  • If a guest pays via Stripe directly, they will be able to pay in their own currency (if the currency is available in Stripe).

Check Whistle for Cloudbeds - Currency Settings article to learn more.

Date and Time

Whistle for Cloudbeds offers settings where users can set the property's Date and Time preferences. These changes will also reflect in the Whistle for Cloudbeds mobile app.

Global Messaging

Global Messaging is the new Whistle for Cloudbeds release that offers properties the opportunity to use Messaging Channels, SMS* and WhatApp with guests.

A Credit Drawer will be available to add credits to cover the costs associated with SMS, WhatsApp, and Automated Translations. Credit will be deducted from your monthly balance as the cost is incurred. 

You will also be granted a one-time $10 Translation credit to use Auto-Translation within the Guest book, Marketplace, and Automations.

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