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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Cloudbeds Payments Canada


We are happy to share that Cloudbeds Payments is available in Canada. Cloudbeds Payments is a payment solution integrated seamlessly with the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform. Built for the hospitality industry, it provides advanced fraud detection, chargeback management, global security compliance, and a dedicated support team.

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Streamline operations: No more manually entering transactions from one platform to another. With all your transactions in one place, reporting and reconciliation become a breeze. Cloudbeds Payments makes relationship management, accounting, and payment processing all work seamlessly together.

Cut costs: Reduce employee/staff hours by eliminating the need to track and report transactions in multiple platforms. No more dual entry, no more manual batching. Everything happens automatically without having to directly intervene.

Greater accuracy: Remove human error from the equation - no more redundant dual entries, no more calculation mistakes, no more misplaced invoices. This too cuts costs - fewer errors means fewer losses.

Improved business forecasting: When your payment system isnt integrated, then processing, accounting, and marketing exist in separate silos. Whats more, it takes a lot of energy to figure out where your money is going, and why its going there. Cloudbeds Payments integrates into software allowing greater visibility into your finances.

State of art point of sales hardware: Cloudbeds Payments uses the newest, and most secure payment terminals on the market. Tap, dip and chip, or swipe all major credit cards.

In house Customer Support and Risk (fraud) team: With Cloudbeds Payments, all Support and Risk analysis is completed in house. No more 3rd parties! 

Easy dispute management: Our team works tirelessly to immediately identify and respond to disputes that do occur.

Simple Application and Setup: Our setup process is designed to be fast and simple. Easy online application, with terminals shipped right to your door; accept payments within minutes.

Simplified tax preparation: Cloudbeds Payments allows your yearly reporting to be centralized in one software solution, accounting becomes automatic. Come tax time, you have a convenient record of every dollar that has come in and out of your business.

Transparent pricing: Know what you're paying for with easy to read integrated payment processing reporting. Cloudbeds Payments one step reconciliation will save you time and money. no more monthly credit statements that you dont understand. Cloudbeds Payments (net-remittance) gives you daily deposits net the transparent processing fees. No more lump sum monthly processing fees or surprise bills at the end of each month

Secure Vault: Payment methods are securely stored; almost eliminating the chance that customer payment details will be exposed. Payment details are easily applied to a new reservation if needed.

Touchless Payments: Accept mobile wallets such as Applepay, Android pay, as well as contactless cards right at the terminal.

Accept more than just Credit Cards: While we support Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover, Interac, we also support much more!  Our state of the art system supports many other international payment method types including Sepa Direct Debit, Sofort, Giropay, Wechat Pay, Alipay, China Union Pay, and more!

We are in your corner!: While merchants are the ones who generate the revenue they are often not given the support they need. We are here to help and be your guide in the payments space.

EMV/Chip reader: Reduce the fraud risk by capturing transactions with an EMV terminal. Generally this places the liability on the issuing banks meaning fewer disputes and reduction in losses. In addition our state of the art risk engine has visibility into billions of transactions allowing for the identification and flagging of bad actors and high risk cards for both ecommerce and terminal transactions. 

Tokenization: The new secure industry standard is credit card tokenization. Tokenization removes the need to repeatedly ask for your guests credit card information. Once a guest or an online travel agency has provided you with their credit card information, Cloudbeds Payments will store them securely in a form of a token. Once you have this, one-click payments are easy.


BBPOS WisePOS E is available in Canada. Learn more: Cloudbeds Payments - Terminals Overview

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