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Cloudbeds Pulse (Pilot) - Everything You Need to Know


Reliable and invaluable insights at your fingertips: Take advantage of the Cloudbeds' industry knowledge with Cloudbeds Pulse, our real-time, 360-degree hospitality business advisor offering personalized guidance on all aspects of your property’s performance.

This article shows a general overview of this feature on Cloudbeds PMS.  


Whether it be revenue and distribution strategy, your property's market position, your competitive set, or any number of important metrics that affect your business, Cloudbeds Pulse is the perfect tool to keep track of your property performance.

Cloudbeds Pulse will help you make data-driven business decisions, based on reliable and invaluable insights.


  • Gain a 360-degree analysis of your property’s business performance in real-time
  • Get data-driven, personalized insights to improve your property’s performance across your business success metrics
  • Receive business advice that can help you maximize performance

Reach out to our Support Team to schedule a Cloudbeds Pulse Check to learn more about your scores, and how to grow and optimize your business based on your Cloudbeds Pulse dashboard.

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