Airbnb API - Room Mapping Guidelines


Depending on how your property is set up, the Airbnb mapping connection will vary. These are the following options:

1. Mapping individual Airbnb listings with individual myfrontdesk accommodations

This mapping type suits you if you have 1 myfrontdesk room type with 1 room in it which corresponds to 1 Airbnb listing.

Select the Airbnb listing from dropdown so it corresponds with myfrontdesk room type.

2. Mapping several Airbnb listings of the same type to myfrontdesk room type

If you have one myfrontdesk room type with several units and 1 listing on Airbnb - you can simply map it with the corresponding myfrontdesk room type.

But if you sell room types in myfrontdesk and several individual listings in Airbnb each corresponding to a specific unit - you will need to do the following:


In myfrontdesk, you have Deluxe Studio (room type) with 5 units: Studio 1, Studio 2...

On Airbnb, you have 5 separate listings and these rooms have the same settings and description: Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 3...

On room mapping step you will be able to map only 1 listing to your room type - so how can this be done?

  1. Go to Airbnb Extranet and keep only 1 listing of the same type in status 'Listed' (all the rest of the listings of this type should be 'Unlisted')
  1. In myfrontdesk room mapping page, link the room type to the listing with 'listed' status on Airbnb:
  1. After a Full Refresh, myfrontdesk will send the rates and availability to the mapped listing.

If myfrontdesk room type will have availability (no matter how many rooms) > the listing will be bookable on Airbnb

If myfrontdesk room type will have no availability > the listing will not be bookable on Airbnb

3. Mapping dorm beds on Airbnb with myfrontdesk shared rooms (dorm beds)

Scenario A

If you have one shared room type with 8 Beds in myfrontdesk and 1 shared listing on Airbnb that corresponds to the room type that you sell on myfrontdesk - you can simply map the myfrontdesk room type to an Airbnb listing. Your guests will be able to take multiple bed/room bookings from Airbnb.

You do not need to create additional listings on Airbnb.

Check the example below:

Listing configuration on Airbnb extranet: 1 bedroom with 8 beds that fits 8 guests

The number of beds must be equal to the number of guests. The bedroom - which corresponds to the room type - is always 1, even if you have multiple rooms types of this category as you will see in the scenario B , myfrontdesk will send the availability to the same listing.

Scenario B

Let's suppose that you have 1 shared room type with 2 or more units with 2 Beds each in myfrontdesk - in such case, if you already have 1 listing on Airbnb for this corresponding shared room that you sell on myfrontdesk, you do not need to create additional listings.

But if on Airbnb you have several listings each of them representing a dorm bed in one shared room and you need to map them into 1 shared room (room type) in myfrontdesk - this is how you can do that:

1. Keep only one Airbnb listing representing dorm bed in status 'Listed'

  1. BEFORE mapping in myfrontdesk, go to Airbnb > open your Listings > among all the listings representing dorm bed from 1 shared room keep only the one listing in status 'Listed'.

    All the rest of the beds from the shared room should be in status 'Unlisted'
  1. Go to the listing which is in status 'Listed' > open the 'Listing Details' by clicking on its name. For example, bed in 6 beds dormitory:
  1. On the right side of 'Rooms and spaces', click on 'Edit'
  1. Under the 'Bedroom' section, click on 'edit' the 'Sleeping arrangements'
  1. Choose the number and type of beds.

Be attentive to your bed type configuration in Airbnb.

If you have bunk beds on your bedrooms - which is common for dorm rooms - Airbnb will multiply the number of bunk beds to have the corresponding number of beds. If you choose 3 bunk beds, the total number of beds will be 6.

  1. Click on 'Done' to save.
  1. Back to the 'Listing Details', scroll down to 'Property and Guests' section
  2. Select the number of guests equal to the number of beds, in this example, 6 guests.

The number of beds must be equal to the number of guests. The bedroom - which corresponds to the room type - is always 1, even if you have multiple rooms types of this category.

2. Map the listing to myfrontdesk shared room

Go to myfrontdesk > Channels > Airbnb API > map the shared room type in myfrontdesk with the listing on Airbnb:

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