Multi-Currency - How to configure foreign currencies to display in invoices


There is an option to display totals in foreign currencies and the exchange rate in your invoices. Please, check the article below to see how to set it up.

Make sure you have multi currency set up on your account in order to use this functionality. Check this article for more instructions: Multi-Currency - How to Setup, Edit or Deactivate Foreign Currencies

This feature requires Cloudbeds Plus plan or higher.

We are currently on a Beta phase. If you are interested in being part of the beta group, reach out to our support team.

How to Configure

This feature allows you to:

  • Configure to show foreign currencies in invoices by editing the activated foreign currency.
  • Choose to display the invoice balance due in different currencies
  • Choose to show or hide the applied exchange rates in invoices.

Follow the steps below if you want to display totals in foreign currency in invoices:

  1. Select 'Currencies' under Property Configuration
  2. Click on the pencil icon next to the currency you want to show on invoicing
  3. Check 'Display Totals in this Currency in Invoices (along with main currency)'
  4. Check 'Display Exchange Rate in Invoices' if desired
  5. Select 'SAVE'

You can check which currencies will be displayed in the invoices in the acceptable currencies table.


Check the following example:

  • Afghanistan Afghani (AFN) is set as the Default Currency
  • We have enabled 4 acceptable currencies: Aruban Florin (AWG), Turkish New Lira (TRY), Euro (EUR) and US Dollar (USD)
  • All four added currencies have the option 'Display Totals in this Currency in Invoices (along with main currency)' enabled
  • For the EUR currency, we have also enabled the option 'Display Exchange Rate in Invoices'.

Check how invoice looks according to our example:

  1. The Default Currency (AFN) and Balance Due in this currency
  2. Balance Due converted into the four added currencies
  3. The exchange rate is only shown for those currencies which have the option to "Display Exchange Rate in Invoices" enabled. In our example, only the EUR has this option enabled.
  4. Balance Due in the default currency and 4 added currencies, and EUR exchange rate.

'Balance Due' will be shown in all 'ACCEPTABLE CURRENCIES' which have 'Display Totals in this Currency in Invoices (along with main currency)' feature enabled.

The exchange rate will also be shown for all the currencies which have 'Display Exchange Rate in Invoices' feature enabled.

Here is how the invoice will look if we enable 'Display Exchange Rate in Invoices' feature for all of the added currencies as well as  'Display Totals in this Currency in Invoices (along with main currency)':

open_invoice - Google Chrome

Any changes done in the 'Currencies' settings will only take effect on New invoices. Past invoices that have been already generated, won't be affected by these changes.

Please refer to the following articles to learn more about Multi-Currency

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