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Organization & Users - Everything you need to know


An Organization was designed to allow an Organization Owner to manage which sections Organization Admin and Users can see in the Manage area of Cloudbeds PMS.

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  • Organization & Users streamline operations and you can have a better view and control over your organization
  • Create and organize multiple users based on roles and where they operate
  • Organization Owner and Admins are allowed to switch between properties within a group
  • Create permissions and transfer users across multiple properties
  • Customize different roles by enabling or disabling their permissions
  • Availability Matrix with multiple properties: Check availability and pricing across the board for all of the properties for which you have permission to access, as well as the option to update rates, set price differentials, and add long-term intervals. They are all on the same page.

General Overview

If several properties are added to one group, they become an Organization. 

  1. When an Organization is created, a property switcher will be displayed on the top of your Cloudbeds PMS page as shown below

The property switcher is only visible to users that have access to multiple properties.

  1. Once you have an Organization created, the Organization Owners and Admins will have access to a new section called Organization & Users where they will see the following tabs:
    • Properties - list of all properties that are part of the Organization
    • Roles - Create roles to organize the different permission levels for users across properties
    • Users - Create users and designate them to their roles within the Organization properties
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Manage - Google Chrome

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