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2 Factor Authentication - Frequently Asked Questions


This article includes the most frequently asked questions related to 2 Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA or two-step verification.

Cloudbeds Team will never ask for login passwords, 2 FA code or 2 FA emergency/recovery code from you.

If I already done the verification with SMS method and I want to start using Authy, do I need to re-verify?

No. If you already verified a phone number, you can simply download Authy app. Just be sure you use the same phone number in Authy as you verified with Cloudbeds. This will ensure when you sign up with Authy that Cloudbeds is added to your portfolio.

What to do if I do not have a mobile phone?

If you don't have a mobile phone, there is an option Text Message / Voice Call where you can register a landline. Multiple users can use the same landline phone number. However, Authy notified us that landlines are not fully supported yet.

Instead of landlines, we recommend downloading the Authy app to your phones: Verify Using Authentication App (Authy)

What is the emergency / recovery code and when should I use it?

If you ever lose access to your authentication device (i.e. phone) for any reason, you can use the recovery code to access your Cloudbeds account. Follow steps: 2 Factor Authentication - How to Get a New Emergency/Recovery Code

You should keep your emergency code safe and never share it with anyone. If you forgot to save your emergency code, generate a new one. Follow steps: 2 Factor Authentication - How to Get a New Emergency/Recovery Code

The emergency code can only be used on a previously verified browser (browser which was used during previous verifications), same device and same location.

After gaining access to Cloudbeds with the recovery code, verify your phone number right away — it is not mandatory to use a new phone number.

What to do if I change my phone number?

If your phone number has changed or you no longer have access your old number, go ahead and use the emergency/recovery code. Follow steps: 2 Factor Authentication - How to Get a New Emergency/Recovery Code

Once you logged in using the emergency code, you can verify a new phone number. Follow steps: 2 Factor Authentication - How to verify a new phone number

  • If you don't have the emergency code, ask our support team to reset the 2 Factor Authentication so you can verify a new number.
  • Verifying a new phone number will override the current number on file.
  • At the moment, only one phone number can be used for authentication.
Can multiple Cloudbeds users use the same Authy app?

It is permissible for multiple users to all use the same Authy app. However, security-wise, it is not the most advisable.

Does every user need to have a unique phone number for voice call to work?

No. It is fine if every user has the same phone number for 2FA.

I forgot the phone number that I registered, how do I proceed?

On your My User Profile, the system displays the last 4 digits of the registered number:

  1. Click the user icon.
  2. Go to My User Profile.
  3. Scroll down to 2 Factor Authentication to view the last 4 digits of the registered phone number.
Is it possible to reset the 2 Factor Authentication process for a user?

Yes. However, only the Property Owner has the option to reset the whole process and "force" the user to begin the verification again.

If your role is Property Owner, go ahead and access Users tab, you will be able to see 2FA status and use the Reset button. Follow steps:

  1. Click Manage (gear icon).
  2. Go to Users.
  3. Next to the user's 2 FA status, click Reset.

The user must access their My User Profile and follow the steps to enable 2 FA: 2 Factor Authentication - Everything You Need to Know

2 Factor Authentication for Associations

Can association owner/admins enable 2 FA? How is the verification process for them?

When an association owner or admin is logged to an association, they only need to verify their phone number once in any associated property. After they verify the phone number, they can access all the properties in the association.

The association owner/admin does not need to verify multiple times even if they have access to multiple properties.

The 2FA logging for association owner/admin is located in the Association section and will not be logged in each property's activity log.

If an association owner/admin has not setup the 2 FA:

  • When all properties in an association have 2 FA enabled, the user will be redirected to My User Profile page to configure the 2 FA.
  • When at least 1 property in association has 2 Factor Authentication disabled, the user won't be redirected to My User profile page which also means that this user can login and switch between all the accounts without verification.

Even when 2 FA is disabled for 1 of the properties within a group, association owner/admin will still have the option to configure 2 FA on their My User profile page (but it won't be mandatory).

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