Cloudbeds Payments - Merchant Account Disabled

Your Cloudbeds Payments Merchant Account may be disabled if you fail to provide all the necessary information to verify your account. When your account has been disabled you will not be able to process payments. This typically happens during the first 30-60 days after the merchant account application is submitted.

This article will show you how to determine what information is missing and how to complete your merchant account application.

How to complete your merchant account application

  1. Click the gear icon Manage
  2. Under the Property Configuration menu, click Payment Options
  3. Scroll down to Payment Gateway and click Finish Onboarding Process
  1. You will be redirected to the application form. Fill out all the missing information, click Next until you complete the form.

Common missing information:

Bank Account Details

Verify if you have setup the bank account where you wish to deposit all of the payments that you process through Cloudbeds Payments. Follow the instructions on Step 3 - Set up your bank account in Cloudbeds

Additional Owners Details

If you filled out the application form and did not indicate that you own 100% of the business, you must add the additional owners in the application.

Identity Document

You need to provide a government issued ID for security verification. You can send a copy to if you were unable to upload it during the application process.

If the issue persists, please contact for assistance.

Do you send out notification prior to deactivating the gateway?

You should be notified on Cloudbeds 15 days before deactivation occurs. See the notification below.

"Your Cloudbed Payments account is not fully setup due to missing information. Please provide the information necessary under Payment Options to begin processing payments"

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