Does Cloudbeds have an Accounting Platform?


Cloudbeds has partnered with Omniboost - an accounting Integration Switch that connects your Cloudbeds account with different Accounting Softwares.


Omniboost pulls transaction data from Cloudbeds and posts journals to various accounting systems like Quickbooks, M3 and DATEV.

  • Quickbooks - provides features that include invoicing, pay runs, reporting and more.
    • Region: Worldwide
  • M3 - synchronize your accounting system and streamline operations with real-time access to all your financial information from one central place
    • Region: North America
  • DATEV - automate your accounting processes with speed and ease using this secure accounting, personal management and tax consumption software with a focus on the German Market.
    • Region: Germany

Sign Up & Connection Guide

The sign up needs to be done via Cloudbeds Marketplace. A new Omniboost account is automatically created when connecting from your Cloudbeds Marketplace.

Check the following article to learn how to Connect an app to myfrontdesk.

The Marketplace is included in the Cloudbeds Premier and Enterprise packages.

If you would like to request an upgrade to your current plan, contact our Hospitality Consultants at

If you already have the Marketplace, you can start the connection process right away.

Click on the following connection guide to learn more: Cloudbeds Omniboost Integrations


Support Contact

If you have any questions regarding how to setup, modify, or use Omniboost, you can contact Omniboost support team directly:

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