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Cloudbeds University - How to Change Language Preferences


There are two options to set language preferences in your Cloudbeds University page:

  • Change the language of the navigation links and features
  • Change the subtitle language in the product training videos

This articles explains both options.

All training content is currently recorded in English. However, most of them already include Spanish and Portuguese subtitles - we are currently working to include subtitles for all videos.

Change the subtitle language of the product training videos

Open a video in the Cloudbeds University course player.

  1. Hover over the lower right corner of the player and click on the CC logo.
  2. Select your preferred language from the drop-down or turn off the subtitles.
  • The subtitles should appear across the bottom of the course player.
  • We hope to have audio content in multiple languages in a later phase.
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