Cloudbeds University - All you need to know


Cloudbeds University is your resource for learning about Cloudbeds’ products, best practices, and industry trends.  

Click here to register and access our training library today. Access the following article for further details: Cloudbeds University - How to Register


  • Fast track Onboarding and adoption:  Access our Property Admin training to  learn the ins-and-outs of setup and drive your configuration to go live   
  • Streamline new employee training:  Send new property staff through the user training so they can integrate Cloudbeds into their day-to-day tasks right away
  • Move at your own pace:  Learners decide when, where, and how many times they access our content.  Slow it down, or speed it up.  Progress through our training at a pace that suits you!  
  • Stay up to date on product updates and new releases: Our product training is refreshed with each new update and new release and our library of industry tips and resources is ever-growing
  • Earn certificates and badges: Complete all of the training on your dashboard and earn Cloudbeds Expert badges that you can add to your resume and brag about to your friends
  • Make the most out of your investment with us: Learning about all the functionality that Cloudbeds has to offer will help ensure our software is doing all it can for you.  So you and your staff can focus on more important things, like your guests.
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