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Cloudbeds University - How to provide feedback or ask for support


Cloudbeds really appreciate your contribution and feedback. We are always willing to improve our products, so your opinion is very important. Check below how you can provide feedback about Cloudbeds University content or how to ask for support if you need any help.

How to Provide Feedback

In each course video, you can provide your feedback:

  1. Click on What do you think?
  2. The system will redirect you to a short survey - click on Begin the Survey
Cloudbeds University - Google Chrome
  1. Answer the questions shown and click to Submit

We can kindly include comments related to the selected score on the additional comments section - The survey responses are reviewed weekly by our team.

Cloudbeds University - Google Chrome

How to ask for support

If you need any help, you can either:

  1. Chat with a virtual coach by clicking on the following icon on the right corner - This tool helps you to find courses easily
Onboarding Training - Cloudbeds University - Google Chrome
  1. Or, click here to reach out to our support team directly
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