Customer Care - Account Optimization


Account Optimization is one of our Customer Care initiatives in which our team will thoroughly review your Cloudbeds Account. We will ensure that you use our system to its fullest capabilities by managing it more effectively while increasing potential revenue.

These are some of the items that we will review for your account:

1. Visibility

We want to make sure that your website and social media are linked with each other and your Cloudbeds Booking Engine. This will achieve a smoother experience for guests to book without hassles.

Improved visibility gives you a chance to receive commission free bookings, lowering the costs of OTA Commissions, routing more guests to your booking engine and therefore generating higher profits.

2. Booking Engine

Our team will take a detailed look at your booking engine. Do you have the new gallery design enabled? Have you customized the look and feel of it, by changing colors, descriptions, and high quality images? Remember, its important to also add pictures of your amenities such as pools, full rooms, or even local attractions. Lets give your booking engine the look it deserves and make your branding consistent across the board!

Take a look at this example from one of our clients.

  • Vivid colors to grab the client's attention
  • Lots of high quality pictures for guests to really get to know the property before booking
  • Background Image
  • Gallery Design Enabled
  • Photos of their amenities
3. Emails and Guest Communications

Emails are extremely important as they are the main method to connect with your guests. Have you configured pre-stay and post-stay automated emails? We can schedule these so that once they're created, you don't have to mess with them again as they will just automatically be sent out.

Currently, when someone books with an OTA,  Cloudbeds will not send out any confirmation email, so with our help, we can configure this in your account so that anytime a reservation is made through an OTA.

And lets not forget about promotional emails, inviting guests to come back by including a Promo Code, or encouraging them to review your property on Tripadvisor,, Google My Business or even your own website.

4. Rate Plans

Rate plans may be difficult to configure, but once you get the hang of it, you will easily be able to create all sorts of packages for your guests. Depending on your business type, objectives or the locations of interest around you, our team will suggest different types of packages that will suit your property. The following are some of the rate planes that we recommend:

Evergreen Rate Plans: These are plans that all hotels should have at all times, regardless of location and target audience of your hotel. For example, a year round Bed and Breakfast Plan is a common "Evergreen Plan"

Promotional Rate Plans: Designed according to their market’s specific needs. With the right timing, such carefully planned promotions can carry your revenue strategies to next level. Some examples may include seasonal promotions.

Dynamic Rate Plans - These types of rate plans are created to attract specific types of guests or fill rooms quickly in times of need. Using BAR as the base, hotels can set rules that offer discounts based on different booking factors. Dynamic Rate Plans include, but are not limited to, Early Bird Specials, last-minute deals, and length of stay promotions.

Package Rate Plans - These types of rate plans create packages that include the price of the room with other offers/services. Get creative with your packages! Create something unique that will pull in your target audience, such as a Wellness, Adventure, or Wine Tasting Package. Partner with a local business and bundle rooms with tours, events, classes, the list goes on.

5. Channel Maximization

There are hundred of different channels out there, but we recommend that you connect to at least 5. Your channel connection strategy will depend on your property type, location, and market specialty. Irregardless of the before mentioned considerations, we highly suggest connecting to our preferred channels as they have global reach and suit most property types. These include Agoda,, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb.

During your Account Optimization we will assess your unique situation to help develop your channel strategy so you can target specific audiences and regions while increasing direct booking traffic. We highly recommend that you check this detailed article on how to maximize your Channel Connections.

6. Add-on and Items

Booking rooms is not the only way to generate revenue. We will help you create items within the system so that you are maximizing all the resources available to you. Your guests may be interested in buying beverages, renting towels, later checkout, or even paying for a shuttle to the airport. Sell your items directly on your booking engine to increase revenue from the time of the reservation.

7. Google Optimization

And last but not least, Google. It is no secret how powerful Google is and that any guest will use it to search for properties. It is critical that you have your Google My Business information updated. This way, visitors will be able to reach out to you with ease. Additionally, we will take a look at your reviews, Google Analytics for your Booking Engine, and help you establish a Google My Business Profile if you need it.

After you have finished filling in your information, one of our agents will get in touch to schedule a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for this program?

To be able to apply for this program, you have to:

  • Have not participated in a previous Account Optimization process
  • Have a Cloudbeds Essential Package or higher
How can you prepare yourself before the call with our team?
  • The person attending the call should have ownership or administration permissions on their account user.
  • Authority to create profiles on the OTAs and have profiles complete already set up with room types created.
  • Prepare to do some legwork. Our team will recommend and suggest actions, but we are not allowed to make any changes for you. This program requires your complete participation.
How long does this process take?

The program can be completed in 2 calls, maximum 3. Each call lasts about 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of changes that your accounts needs.

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