Whistle Automations - How to Configure Automations to Last-minute Bookings

Automated messaging delivers a message to multiple guests automatically based on the arrival and departure dates in the reservations tab. If you have last-minute bookings presets, check here the conditions that need to be configured while creating an automation.

Configure Automation Conditions to Last-minute Bookings

While creating an automated message, use the following conditions for last-minute bookings:

  1. Enter the Title (Ex. Pre-Arrival (Last-Minute Booking))
  2. Recipient Type -> Reservation Created
  3. Preview -> Based on Event

Select the filter conditions:

  1. Filter Name -> Arrival Date
  2. Condition -> Equals
  3. Value -> Today
  4. Send if Guest has not been sent Automated Message
  5. Select the Automated Message created for Pre-Arrival
  6. Condition - During Current Reservation

The conditions to send messages to last-minute booking are set.
Complete the form as preferred and click to Create.

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