Cloudbeds Payments - How to Use a Payment Link (Pay by Link)

With Pay by Link by Cloudbeds Payments, you can collect your guest's payment using a secure link. Send the payment link by email or messaging apps. The unique payment links allow you to keep track of each payment request.
Apple Pay and Google Pay options are also available for Pay by Link users. Check below how to set up.

  • Only the Property Owner and users with the following privileges can send payment links: Add Payment and Authorize and Process Credit Card Payments. Learn more: Roles and Privileges
  • Pay by Link option doesn't work for the Cancelled reservations. While it works if the reservation is within one of the following statuses: Confirmed, Confirmation Pending, in House, Checked-out, No Show.
  • Pay by Link does not work in House Accounts or Group Folios.
Access the guest's folio
  1. Using the search bar, look for the guest's reservation.
  2. Click Folio.
3D Secure authentication

3D secure is required by law in Europe and is optional in other regions but banks may still use it as a tool to reduce fraud. Learn more: Cloudbeds Payments (Europe) - Everything about 3D Secure

Below is an example of an authenticated checkout flow by Cloudbeds Payments.

Step 1: The customer enters their card details (previous section: Guest pays using the link)

Step 2: The customer’s bank assesses the transaction and 3D Secure protocol will be prompted at this step (authentication by using fingerprint, passwords, SMS code, etc).

Step 3: If required by their bank, the customer completes an additional authentication step.

Payment is approved

Once the guest approves the payment, the payment details will be posted on the folio with a note Payment from Pay by Link. Click the gear icon to allocate payment or refund transaction.

The payment only displays on the folio once the funds are collected.

If you included any internal notes when creating the link, the notes will also be included in the folio.

Refund the transaction

Submit the refund directly from the folio when needed.

If you don't see the option Refund Transaction, reach out to the Property Owner and ask to enable this privilege for your role. Learn more: Roles and Privileges

  1. On the folio, locate the payment details.
  2. Click the gear icon.
  3. Select Refund Transaction.
  1. Enter the amount to be refunded.
  2. Keep the checkmark to allocate the refund.
  3. Click Process Refund.
[TEST] Lviv hotel | CB payments - Reservations

How to set up Apple Pay and Google Pay functionality

By enabling Apple Pay and Google Pay you allow your guests to select these methods and pay without manually entering their credit card details while using pay by link method.
Reach out to support if you don't see these options available for your account.

Set up two new custom payment methods by using these instructions:

  1. Apple Pay
  2. Google Pay

This is how it will look for your guests: they will see either apple or google pay depending on the device they are using.

[DRAFT - dates are still TBD] Apple Pay and Google Pay - PAYM.Processing Release Notes | Guru - Google Chrome
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