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Cloudbeds Insights - Home


Cloudbeds Cloudbeds Insights is a-new, best-in-class hospitality analytics platform created to support your unique reporting needs.

Cloudbeds Insights Home is the first page you will see when you access Cloudbeds Insights. This article describes each section in the home page.


Property owner has access to Data Insight by default. Other users must be granted permission inside Roles. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select Cloudbeds Insights
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By default, the Relative Date filters (e.g. Start Current Week) always start on Monday. Some properties may begin their work week on another weekday such as Sunday.

Admins* can change the start day of the week in the Manage section.

*In the property account, an admin could be the Property Owner, Multi-Property Owner, Multi-Property User or Organization Owner/Admin/User.

Follow steps:

  1. Click Manage
  1. In the drop-down, select the start of the week
  2. Click Save
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Create New Report

Create a new report from scratch. Build your own report and get the exact data you need. Fields, filter logic, summarization levels, sorting and columns can all be configured to meet your preferences.

Follow the instructions here: Cloudbeds Insights - How to Create Your Own Reports

[Demo] Bali Jungle Resort -
Recently Published

Here you can find a list of recently published Cloudbeds Reports.


Add reports you use regularly as favorites. Quickly locate and view them from the Home page.

Follow the instructions on how to manage your favorite reports list here: Cloudbeds Insights - Favorite Reports

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