Cloudbeds Release Notes - June 2017


Cloudbeds is releasing an update to the myfrontdesk system in June 2017.  This update includes a handful of system improvements, which have been influenced by your suggestions to us.  

Note: if you did not subscribe to Cloudbeds prior to June 7, 2017, the "Pior to Release" items mentioned in this article do not apply to you.

Below is a high level summary of all the changes

Credit Card Viewing Password Change

Prior to release - View Credit Card permissions via Roles

Prior to this release, any user with Administrator priviliges could create Role  with Credit Card Viewing Permissions, and there was no additional security password associated with this permission.

After Release - Property Owner grants access to Individuals, and a user-specific Credit Card Password is created

After this release, Property Owners (and only Property Owners) will specify which users should have access to view the credit card data.

  • The owner specifies which users have access to the credit card details
  • The individuals will setup their own credit card password
  • These credit card password will need to be entered when attempting to view the full credit card details
    • Note: the credit card type and the last 4 digits of the card will be displayed to everyone
  • These passwords will expire 180 days after they have been created.

Properties created prior to June 7, 2017

  • Starting June 7, 2017, existing properties will have until June 21, 2017 to start using the new credit card password process
  • Between June 7 and June 21 2017, users can still access the credit cards with their existing account permissions.
  • Within this two week period, the property owner will need to specify who can access the credit cards.  This means that during this period, a user will be able to access the credit card details with both the old method (Role permissions) and the new method (user access and credit card password).
  • As of June 21, only the credit card password (new method) can be used to access the credit card details.  

Properties created June 21, 2017 and after

For any properties created on June 21, 2017 or after, only the credit card password (new method) can be used to access the credit card details.  

New Credit Card Password Process

For detailed instructions regarding the new credit card password process, please consult this article:  Accessing Guest Credit Card Information

Reports Changes

Additional Room Revenue added to reports

In our Kessler release (November 2016), we introduced the ability to add Additional Room Revenue (manual, cancellation and no show). This additional revenue wasn’t being calculated in the reports until now. Now it’s added to a few calculations in the system below:

  • Channel production report
    • Added additional revenue to the Revenue chart.
  • RevPar and Occupancy Report
    • RevPar value reflects Room rates, Additional Room Revenue (Manual, Cancellation and No shows) and Adjustments to Room Rate
    • RevPar now shows Rooms Available for sale in each period of time, so customer can see where the calculations are coming from
  • ADR Report
    • ADR is calculated based on the Room Rates only. The sum on this report only includes the Room Rates for that period of time.
  • Daily Financial Report
    • Additional room revenue is added to the Room Rate and to the RevPar rows across this report.
    • Total Revenue in the Daily Statistic section includes Additional Room Revenue
    • Room Revenue includes

Note: Some reports calculate Additional Room Revenue in the Room rate, while others don’t.

  • RevPar and Occupancy Reports include Additional Room Revenue and Adjustments
  • The ADR Report doesn’t include Additional Room Revenue or Adjustments

When in doubt look for the formula in the tooltip

Daily Revenue Report Changes

  • Ledger Calculation Fix
    • MTD and YTD Opening Balances were being calculated incorrectly. MTD Opening now is equal to the Closing Balance of the last day of the previous month, and YTD is equal to Closing Balance on the last day of the previous year.
  • Links were added to the Totals so you can see what is included in the Total on the Transactions Report
  • Added headers to the files, including Property Name, Date and Time Generated and Date for the Report
  • Report will be available after all transactions are posted that day (Around 2am)

Misc Updates

Adding Taxes/Fees to a Reservation

  • When selecting a Fee or Tax has thas a fixed amount, that amount will be populated automatically when adding it to a Reservation.  It can be changed if desired.
  • Fees or Taxes that are a percentage still need to be entered manually.  Auto-population of percentage-based Fees or Taxes will come in a future update.

Ability to reorder property and room type images

Now you have the ability reorder the images on any roomtype or the propery profile page by clicking and dragging.

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