Charging virtual cards with Stripe


When charging and Expedia Virtual Cards with Stripe you may receive this error.

Errors and Solutions:


Merchant code generally reflects the type of business that you have (restaurant, grocery shop etc.). In order to charge a virtual card for a reservation, your Merchant Category Code (MCC) must be the category relating to accommodation – 7011.

Solution: Please contact Stripe from here and ask them to let your MCC code to reflect 7011.

2) MISSING CVV and Expedia doesn't always send a CVV with these virtual cards. If you have that set as a requirement in either Myfrontdesk or Stripe, you'll get an error back as a response.

Solution: ask the channel to provide CVV for the virtual card and re-enter the card details in Myfrontdesk so it contains CVV, or add one of the following generic CVV codes for Expedia virtual cards:

  • Visa/Mastercard: 469
  • American Express: 2469

To add CVV to the credit card you need to

  • go to Reservation and click 'Credit Cards',
  • click '+ ADD CARD' button,
  • re-type the credit card details including CVV


When charging virtual cards, the system will require to charge the exact amount as appearing in reservation details.

Solution: Please double-check you charge the exact amount given in reservation details.

For additional information on charging virtual card please visit this page,

More information on how Expedia Virtual Cards work can be found here

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