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Credit Card Viewing - Everything You Need to Know


On Cloudbeds PMS, only the Property Owner has permission to view guest's credit card details by default. Other type of user must be granted permission by the Property Owner.

This article contains information you need to know about setting up credit card viewing password and viewing the credit card details.


  • As a security measure, Cloudbeds implemented a system which protects credit card data from being viewed by third-parties.
  • Property Owner has permission to view credit card details by default, they only need to set up the credit card viewing password.
  • Any other user must be granted permission  to view credit card detail by the Property Owner and set up a special credit card viewing password.
  • To add more security layer, credit card viewing password expires automatically after 90 days and the user is required to set up a new password.
  • Whenever necessary a Property Owner can remove the credit card viewing privilege from the users.
  • Per PCI Standard (Payment Card Industry Standards) viewing full credit card data can pose a liability to your business in the event that the card details were exposed to an outside source. The following Payment Processors store the credit card data and do not allow anyone to view full details of the card:
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