Brazil: SageOne Nota Fiscal - Issuing, Viewing, and Canceling


Cloudbeds now has an integration with Sage One’s Brazilian Notas Fiscais software. This allows properties to easily issue Notas Fiscais to their guests directly from within Cloudbeds on a reservation’s details page. It is an online service, so there’s no need to install anything on a computer.

Note: This integration is currently in closed beta testing and not yet available for other subscribers. This is coming soon, however, so stay tuned!

A subscription to Sage One's Nota Fiscal software is required for this integration.

Integration Details

  • Region Supported: Brazil.
  • A Nota Fiscal is an official invoice in Brazil. It goes through government servers for validation.
  • Nota Fiscal Type: Only service Nota Fiscals are currently supported.
  • This is not an integration with Sage’s accounting software, payment gateways, or other software.

To learn how to connect your Sage One and Cloudbeds accounts, refer to the Nota Fiscal Connection Guide.

Sage One is integrated with the city government servers of more than 400 cities in Brazil, which makes this service usable for most subscribers with properties based in Brazil. The list of supported cities is here:

After all the steps in our Nota Fiscal Connection Guide are complete, you will be able to start generating Notas Fiscais directly from within myfrontdesk.

Issuing Nota Fiscals

Just navigate to an existing reservation. You can issue a Nota Fiscal at any moment for any reservation, be it before, during or after the guest’s stay, for any amount.

At the top right hand corner, click on the icon of a document, and select “Generate Nota Fiscal”.

You will then see a form with some fields already filled out. Guest information is filled out with Guest Name, email and address, if available. If issuing the Nota Fiscal for a company, just type the CNPJ and the form will present additional fields specific to companies.

At this moment, you can modify the total amount, apply deductions (if you want them listed in the Nota Fiscal) and the description of the services, as they should appear in the Nota Fiscal.

One more time, you can modify the default tax definitions, LC116 code and City Service Code. However, the easiest way to issue the Nota Fiscal here is to use one of the pre-configured services you already have. So, list the Service Unique Code in the Unique Code Field. Verify amount and other information, then hit “Issue Nota Fiscal”.

The system might take a few seconds to reload the page, since at this moment the information is being securely processed by Sage One and the city government’s portal. If any error occurs, the page will reload with the pre-filled data, so if you believe any information is incorrect, now is the time to fix it and try again.

If you navigate away from the Nota Fiscal form, the next time you try to issue a Nota Fiscal, the form will again be filled with only the available and default information.

This tip is specially useful if you are issuing the Nota Fiscal in front of your guest who’s checking out. Make sure it goes through before closing the window, otherwise you may need to ask for his tax information all over.

Viewing Notas Fiscais

All Notas Fiscais issued to a specific reservation can be viewed by clicking on the Documents tab, under the respective reservation.

By clicking on the document link, you will be taken to the Nota Fiscal details page at the Sage One portal. There, you can view and print the Danfe as needed.

You may also navigate to your Cloudbeds account settings page for Nota Fiscal, and click on the History tab. There, you can see a complete list of all Notas Fiscais issued.

You may also check all issued Notas Fiscais from within your Sage One account.

Cancelling Notas Fiscais

Notas Fiscais need to be cancelled from directly inside of the Sage One portal. Login to your Sage One account at and navigate to the main screen (Principal). On the right side of this page, you will see all Notas Fiscais issued. If you click on an authorized Nota Fiscal you will be taken to the details page.

At the top, you will see a Cancel (Cancelar) button. Select the reason for cancellation if required by your city government and confirm. You may click on Check Cancellation (Checar Cancelamento) button to verify with city servers if the cancellation was successful. The tab on the right hand corner of the details page should turn red and show that it was cancelled.

If you need additional help about pages within Sage One system, also check their tutorial videos and their automated support chat

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