Implement the Sojern pixel in mybookings


Pixel is tiny (1x1 pixel) code used to send data from booking engine to a third party app that collects and manges this data (in this example Sojern).

Third party app will provide the code. Usually code needs to be modified with macros/variables that are applicable in mybookings.

Below are the example of implementing Sojern's pixels.

Steps to implement Sojern's pixel

Conversion pixel should be pasted in the customize mybookings menu > confirmation page (javascript only). Search pixel should be placed in the customize mybookings menu > custom meta tags.

Add the mybookings codes (in red) to the pixel provided.

hd1: "createdBooking.checkin_date", /* Check In Date. Format yyyy-mm-dd. Ex: 2015-02-14 */
hd2: "createdBooking.checkout_date", /* Check Out Date. Format yyyy-mm-dd. Ex: 2015-02-14 */
hp: "createdBooking.booking_total", /* Purchase Price */
hcu: "createdBooking.currency_code", /* Purchase Currency */
hconfno: "createdBooking.booking_id" /* Confirmation Number */
hr: "createdBooking.resRooms.length", /* Number of Rooms */
hpid: "createdBooking.widget_property", /* Property ID */

Add the approprate data (green) in the pixel.

hc1: "city name", /* Destination City */
hs1: "state name", /* Destination State or Region */
hn1: "country name", /* Destination Country */
hpr: "property name", /* Hotel Property */


Detailed steps in the Sojern's guide:

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