Cloudbeds Booking Engine - How to Implement Sojern Pixels

A pixel (1x1) is a tiny code used to send data from booking engine to a third party app that collects and manages this data.

The third party app (in this case, Sojern) will provide the code, which usually needs to be modified with macros/variables that are applicable in the booking engine.

This article explains how to implement Sojern pixels.

Step 1 - Review Sojern's Guide

Review the detailed steps of the pixels implementation:

Step 2 - Implement Sojern Pixels on Cloudbeds PMS
  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Go to Customize Booking Engine
  3. Paste the Conversion pixel (of the Sojern Implementation Guide above) in the JavaScript Code (Confirmation Page Only)
  4. Place the Search pixel (of the Sojern Implementation Guide) in the Custom Meta Tags section
  5. Click Save
Step 3 - Add the Booking Engine code

Add the Booking Engine code (in red) to the pixel provided:

hd1: "createdBooking.checkin_date", /* Check In Date. Format yyyy-mm-dd. Ex: 2015-02-14 */
hd2: "createdBooking.checkout_date", /* Check Out Date. Format yyyy-mm-dd. Ex: 2015-02-14 */
hp: "createdBooking.booking_total", /* Purchase Price */
hcu: "createdBooking.currency_code", /* Purchase Currency */
hconfno: "createdBooking.booking_id" /* Confirmation Number */
hr: "createdBooking.resRooms.length", /* Number of Rooms */
hpid: "createdBooking.widget_property", /* Property ID */

Add the appropriate data (green) to the pixel:

hc1: "city name", /* Destination City */
hs1: "state name", /* Destination State or Region */
hn1: "country name", /* Destination Country */
hpr: "property name", /* Hotel Property */

Reach out to the Sojern Support Team if you have any questions about the pixels implementation.

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