How to handle reservations from the channels that have extra services/products?


Sometimes you can notice that additional products and extra service aren't displayed correctly on Cloudbeds, even though they were sent correctly from channel.

This article will explain the reason of it and will offer the solutions.

We see that the reservation on the channel has extra service. For example:

On MyFrontDesk this amount won't be displayed in balance due.

Reason - MyFrontDesk doesn't add products automatically for reservations from channels. We add extra service in special requests.

Solution: You can add the existent product on folio tab by adjusting the charge.

To make it more convinient, you can create item on MyFrontDesk system. How to add items you can find in the following article:

How To Set Up Items and Categories

Once the item is created you can apply it to the reservation in Guest Folio.

You can choose category and item and apply it to the booking.

Once the item is applied it will be correctly displayed in Balance Due.

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