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How to handle Items & Services in OTAs reservations


Items & Services configured on myfrontdesk cannot be mapped and synchronised with the products sold on your distribution channels. For that reason, the products that are purchased by guests directly on the channels will not be added automatically to the reservation folio on myfrontdesk.

These products will be displayed inside the reservation as 'Extra Services' under 'Special Requests' without affecting the reservation balance due.  Please find the solutions in the below sections.

1. Extra Items & Services

For example below, 'Breakfast' was purchased as an item in reservation:


1. Make sure the item is already created on myfrontdesk. Otherwise, create the item by following the steps described in the article: Items & Categories Overview

2. Once the item is created, you can apply it to the reservation in the Guest Folio. For further details, please check out this article: How to Add Item to Reservation

3. Once the item is added, it will be correctly displayed in the Balance Due

2. Extra Person Fee

Depending on the channel, the 'Extra Person Fee' might be included as an 'Extra Service' in the reservation. Since, Items are not mapped between the OTA and myfrontdesk, this is how we receive the data from the OTA.

As an example, below is a reservation coming from the channel Ingoibibo. In this case, the extra person fee will also need to be added manually to the folio to update the Grand Total of the reservation so that it reflect room charges and all items.


We strongly recommend adding the Extra Person Fee as a Manual Room Revenue and not as an item. As the manual room revenue will be reflected in your Daily Room Revenue on Daily Revenue Report, whereas items are included in Revenue by Items & Services.

Please check how to add a manual room revenue in this article: Room Revenue. How to Add and Use Room Revenue

Items, Services and Extra person fee can also be configured in a channel rate plan if you choose to include them in the room rate. Please check the following article for further information: Distribution Channel Rate Plans

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