Reservations for Unmapped Rooms


We strongly recommend our clients not to leave rooms unmapped in their accounts. When channels are set in myfrontdesk account, and some of the rooms are left unmapped, the system will warn you with a message that we cannot control unmapped rooms in the channel extranet.

If you do not want to sell a certain room, you can delete it from channel. But in case you received a reservation for the unmapped room, this article will guide you on how to reduce the possibility of overbooking with regard to this situation.

1. You received an email notifying you about the reservation for an unmapped room. The email will contain the reservation information which you will need further:

2. When this reservation enters myfrontdesk, the system doesn't know which room to assign it to.

If the reservation comes for the unmapped room to the system, the information on dates of check-in and check-out, number of guests, number of nights and total price for the reservation will be missing there.

3. You will have to edit the existing reservation, add correct room and dates manually for this reservation using the information from email

Until this is done, availability in the system won't be correct, because the system doesn't know which room to adjust. So it may lead to overbookings.

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