Channel Distribution Connection Status


The way myfrontdesk updates the channels you have connected is through our channel manager - myallocator.
Myallocator will receive the rates and availability you have set in myfrontdesk and will push them to the channels connected. This process is called channel distribution. This article shows how to check if the channel distribution is enabled for your account

Under the Channel Distribution section in your myfrontdesk account you may access different pages related to the channels connected to your myfrontdesk account:

On each page under this tab you may see your current status of Channel Distribution: it can be either Enabled or Disabled.

Enabled status means that the connection with our channel manager is working properly (the rates and availability are going through to Myallocator and from Myallocator to the channels connected)

Disabled status means that the connection with Myallocator is broken: no updates from Myfrontdesk will be running through to the channels connected.

In case you see this status, please contact Cloudbeds support team by submitting a ticket on this page

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