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How to Connect Keytel/Hotusa with Cloudbeds


Keytel, part of the Hotusa Group, is an exclusive booking platform that distributes property inventory to travel agents around the world. Keytel/Hotusa's commercialization platform works under the philosophy of a single, multi-channel and multi-rate inventory. Properties can choose to make their rooms available on some or all channels operated by Keytel/Hotusa at equal or different prices and commissions.

Step 1 - Getting Started

If you do not have an account at Keytel/Hotusa:

Follow the instructions on Keytel/Hotusa partner page to register a new account: here's the link.

If you have an account at Keytel/Hotusa:

Proceed with Step 2.

Please note that all room types must be already created both in Cloudbeds and in the channel's extranet before starting this connection.

Step 2 - Enable Myallocator as your Channel Manager on Keytel/Hotusa
  1. Reach out to your Keytel/Hotusa Account Manager and request the connection to myallocator (Cloudbeds channel manager) - include your Keytel/Hotusa Property ID in your request.
  2. Once approved, Keytel/Hotusa's team will inform you.
  3. Proceed to step 3 to start mapping.
Step 3 - Start connecting Keytel/Hotusa in Cloudbeds
  1. Open the Settings area
  2. Go to Channel Distribution tab and click on Channels
  3. Search for Keytel/Hotusa channel and click on not setup, click here to setup
  1. Click on Enable Channel, if requested, and proceed:
  1. Login with the Property ID, Hotel Username and Password provided by the channel
  1. Map the room types created in Cloudbeds with their corresponding rooms in Keytel/Hotusa. A drop-down menu will display all the existing rooms in the channel's extranet.

Do not map multiple rooms to one single room in Cloudbeds or channel. The room mapping must be one-to-one.

For detailed information about the mapping process please check this article: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines

  1. Rate Plan Mapping: Use this page to configure the rate plan(s) you want to sync between this system and Keytel/Hotusa. You must map at least one rate plan per Channel Accommodation Type to ensure proper rate sync.

You can create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to Keytel/Hotusa. Click here to check further information.

  1. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type, if needed. Click on Next when completed or if you want to skip, leave it as zero.

The mapping is complete.

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